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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, just started a project on a TA22. Would be great to have any advice as i get started on a full strip and rebuild. Cheers
  2. Hi Everybody! My names mitch. I have not been a member for very long on oldchool, neither have i had the chance to meet many of its awesome members yet. But like many of you ive had a project car for years and years sitting in the garage slowly getting disassembled and then put back together piece by piece. Finally its almost ready to hit the streets and go on some runs and forum outings! I have detailed photos from start to finish and i hope to post them all up here on my build thread. I have not had the time to go through all the forum build ups and i am unsure if there are any other celica builds so please post comments and leave me links So here we go.. First off a finished teaser shot of what this is all about.. This pic and the one above were taken at Toyota fest 2014 where she won best under construction. Fully striped and ready for the long haul all factory/filthy paints down after major body work ( wont bore you with the deets ) glossy getting rid of that old thing customized and recon'd out of a TE71 fits well with nolathanes all round ( pre under body coating pre under body post under body dont make em like this anymore reconditioned inside and out I will continue up loading more photos when i get the chance, hope they up load ok and that you all enjoy them!
  3. Discussion - // Hiya all, I was planning to wait until the panel work had been done, but here goes anyway. What I have started with, A TA22 Celica (Actual year is 1974), has been registered as a TA23 (Previous owner has swaped the chassis plates at some stage). I now have a solid plan for fixing this up involving deregistering it , changing the plates back (As he left the original one in the car) and registering from scratch. Here is the state of it when I got it, didn't look too bad..... (and as the Tui add goes... Yeah Right) Apparently all it needed was to have the wiring for the dash re done and it was good to go, the more I cleaned it up, the more rust I found. Anyway, I quickly realised that it was going to be a back to bare metal job and cut out the rust and rebuild it. Tried getting it quoted at a few places, most wouldn't even consider it due to the amount of work. One guy said, he would charge the earth, why not get a mig and have a crack at it myself. So that is where I am at. Some of the passenger sill and the progress on it. What got cut out of the sill The rebuilt item (Sills were folded up through a work contact for nothing, Pretty stocked about this) One side stripped and more patches done at the top of the pillars. Anyway this has taken a good 6 months to get to this state due to having a young family etc. (Only get a few hours a week on it and a limited budget thus far) Plans for her are: Finish removing rust Shave locks and side mirrors Do as much of the filling and prep work myself Paint (Undecided at this stage, considering 2 tone, silver bottom and yellow with touch of orange candy on the top) New chrome all around 17" wheels (Undecided yet) Engine: 2TGEU to be built (Will run with 2TC twin carbs to start with) Sc-12 supercharger (Setup like Tim Frost's one was) CRO2 cooling system (I don't like big intercoolers and want something different) Deloomed engine bay + Battery in boot Handling: Upgrade of front discs to something larger Change rears to discs Try and work out some way of getting an LSD into it. New bushes all around etc. Interior: Well the door cards I have a pretty rotten, the Dash is stuffed and there is no parcel tray, So I am considering fabricating fibreglass versions. (Going to have a crack at making a mould for the dash) Recover rear seats and some new seats up front New stereo in dash 6" speakers up front, 6X9's back parcel tray, 10" in custom enclosure in the boot (Using the right side well) I know it is a bit of a list, but I guess I am in no real hurry to get there, as Budget allows. The main goal is to get it back on the road. Hopefully before the end of the year