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Found 1 result

  1. So, because I felt like Gav (@~Slideways~) was hoggin all the "buy a really beat old Eunos Roadster" glory and because there's such a large font of knowledge for the little beaters on here, I figured I would add mine to the mix. I ended up swapping my (once @Toddy415's old AE82 FXGT) for this one that a mate had sitting in his back yard. There was a yarn about why it had been sitting for so long but I can't remember exactly what it was, however, I had had my fun with the AE82 and the future held more rust repairs than I was willing to undertake. I have plenty of other rotten cars inside instead of ones that have to sit outside. This was a car my mate had bought for his wife, she was not interested at all in it but when I asked how much they wanted for it, a deal was eventually struck as a straight swap. It hadn't had a warrant or reg in 3 years but was on hold, the roof was fucked and so even though it was stored under cover (but still outside) the interior had been dismantled and removed to stop it potentially getting filled with damp/water. It had some previous repairs done on it before it was parked up but they weren't painted over so potentially turned into a bit of a waste of time however I wasn't after pretty, just something I could use and have a laugh with. So this is what I got... As you can see, covered in terrible stickers with a metal "M" Mazda badge on the nose. Gross. Indeed I ripped the badge off before it even left my mate's house and left it on his property instead of mine. First thing done was to swap over the wheels from the Corolla; Second thing to do was remove the stickers and make a bit of an effort to put some paint on the repairs, I wasn't too fussy as I just needed something on there, however it's got pearlescent paint on it and the colour code paint doesn't match that. :/ Then I managed to find a soft-top locally fro $200 that only had a minor tear on one side which meant I wouldn't have to put a piece of plastic over it.. ..and I threw some heat into the front bumper to remove the dent, a bit more shitty colour match spray paint with a bit of tweaking then some black shitty paint on the lip The astute will notice a change in plates. The previous front one had been modded and bent to "suit" the bumper. So i got replacements then took it for a warrant which it passed without any faults. Score. However, taking it to get the warrant was the first time I'd actually driven it and the clutch is fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked. So I ordered a replacement clutch, flywheel, brake discs and a bunch of service part consumables from RockAuto some of which have arrived and others I'm still waiting. Hopefully some time in the next few weeks I'll have it sorted mechanically and then I'll start on the aesthetics. I'd like a hardtop, a little bit lower, Garage Vary lip and rear panel, largeish ducktail rear spoiler and roof spoiler for the hardtop. Would also like ITBs and a bunch of shit but for the time being a pod filter will do for some more loud with nothing to show for it induction noise. It already sound OK-ish when giving it some jandal but some good headers would be cool too.