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Found 6 results

  1. Those pics look like they were taken at one of the Welly meets a couple years ago. Is this the same car?
  2. Hey knowledgeable Ninjas, Manual steering sucks. I'm over it. I've been trying to piece together enough knowledge to find an alternative but the bits and pieces I've picked up keep sending me in circles. I've got other plans for the car, but before all that it's biggest short fall is the steering. There were factory power steering units for this car but hell if I can find one. Apparently Crowns up to an S110 have the similar/same power steering, but modification to the pitman arm is needed. That's no big deal but I can't find a wrecked one of these either. I've seen crowns on line with whole different steering columns, so is it a case of finding the matching dimensions and custom fitting it in? With all this in mind, I have a 2J under the hood and the mid/rear sump in there has been notched to fit the drag link/centre link arm. And a fatter power steering unit will get in the way. Is there such a thing as a power assisted version of a manual steering box? Where the power assist happens further up the column and I can keep the current centre link set up for sump clearance? Or am I talking bollocks, and all power steering happens downstairs which means I'll need a new "true" mid sump, or front sump and custom cross member to fit? Any info or links to info would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.
  3. Test test test, 1, 2, 3.
  4. Yeah so I have many vehicles. This is one of the ones that has been sitting in the background for quite some time. Unfortunately most of the photos I have of it are on my laptop drive, which shat itself. So this car was parked up in '92, with some horrid bumpers attached to it. Looked like this in 2010 Anyway, R100 purchased it in a bidding war and decided he didn't actually want it, so Japawags purchased it off him. He also decided he didn't want it and traded it for my MS110, which I didn't seem to have much say in. So then it ended up in my garage where it sat for the next 3 odd years, the engine had been pulled out and sat under a carport with no sump or rocker cover, and was in a bit of a yuck state. I miss driving old cars so I figured it's time to give this old beast a second shot at life. So I pulled the engine apart. Oh hey there valve, you shouldn't be open.. The engine actually turned out to be in far better condition than I had thought. I was expecting the water galeries to be heavily corroded like my old under water 4M, but they were perfectly fine. No photo of that yet though. It's taking a bath Lol 2M crank? The bores are all good So yup, that's it for now.
  5. Project Discussion Picked me up a 1973 Crown - MS-65 Sedan on Trademe for $1500. Pretty good cond. Nothing that can't be fixed I say! After that I journeyed down south to pick up some 18" Advanti 5 spoke mags. Was a bit steep ($1000) but i wasnt concerned at the time. I just wanted the standard ones off there! Here are pics after the Wellington trip with the new wheels. Notice the dirt marks from the harsh New Zealand roads Also cut a coil off the rear springs as you can see, have yet to do the fronts. Mr. Flawless, flawed my pocket by making me shell out for new front springs that didnt lower the front at all. Future plans include a full repaint (gloss/satin black), new exuast, engine rebuild, pimping out the interior with *bling bling* stainless steel, cutties in the fronts and then shorten shocks to make captive. Not in any particular order. Chur Chur
  6. Hey Bo3s This be my girlfriends daily/my out of work ride, due to having a work van. Not much to say really, bought it pretty much for the fender mirrors, column shift and bench seat, rockn. This is what it looked like when i bought it And this is it post wof/spring cuttage and on my coupe wheels That is all for now.