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Found 2 results

  1. A few of us @GuyWithAviators @Shakotom @Tumeke have been regularly organising and participating in scooter/small motorcycle rides in Auckland. We're all based in the Manukau/Mt Wellington area so usually start around there but We've had a few other GCs come along and they've had a great time too @mo999 @Masonh38. We're pretty low key and tend to ride on weekday evenings or on the weekend. Essentially, whenever we feel like it. It's already a regular thing but if any of you other guys and girls would like to go for a ride then just post it up in here. We've hooned all throughout the city, had an inner city multi storey carpark race to the sky, performed tunnel braps, frequent Mission Bay (even have our own little spot there now) and pretty much go wherever we feel like. This is not affiliated with in any way. It's just a bunch of us, many of whom are Oldschool members, taking our bikes out for a spin with mates regularly. Because that's what it's all about. So take part in Auckland Slow Scooter Events Sometimes And remember that if you don't know what to do in order to enjoy your evening in this shithole of a supercity, think ASSES Also, join up to the Moped NZ page on Facebook for more small bike goodness. M8 (Last photo courtesy of @Tumeke)
  2. RotaNate

    Suzi FA50

    Havnt done one of these in a long time and with summer coming up I’ve been seeing a lot of builds I follow pop up with updates as they edge closer to completion. This got me to thinking...I’ve been tinkering with something trying to get it ready for summer, why aren’t I documenting it! So here I am This is my 197something Suzuki FA50 Bit of history on how I ended up with her... I always had the mentality of ‘scooters are for fags, why don’t they get a real bike!’ But after being taken out on my first ‘scooter mish’ with a few of the lads, that perception all changed! It was a blast! Cheap to run (I think I spent $7 on petrol for the whole night), no WOFs to worry about and cheap registration. Not to mention you can practically go anywhere on them. From there I was hooked. I owned a couple of newer scooters I bought off mates (it’s how I have most the things I have...cheers boys!) and now we get to here. i was in the process of buying the bad boy pictured below...A Suzuki SJ50QT I hadn’t yet payed for it when the FA50 popped up for sale from the brother in law and at a price I couldn’t resist! Loving almost anything pre 80’s I had to have it! i had a chat to my mate I was buying the SJ50 off and we ended up coming to an agreement. He didn’t want the hastle of selling so said if I sold it over the price I was going to buy it off him for I could keep the profit for my self So I sold the SJ50 for $150 more than I bought it for from my friend and that was just over what I needed to pay for the FA50. So esstianlly through a few GC’s I pretty much got the FA for free!