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Found 3 results

  1. Decided to get a project for the summer. It will also be a bike to learn on, as I currently do not have a motorbike license but have rode a couple bikes years ago. I purchased a seemingly rare Yamaha srv250 which should make a good base for a simple cafe racer build. Thinking of only changing seat, bars, lights and mirrors. Not much else needs doing other than a good tidy up. Overall it is in good condition and mechanically sound. Picking the bike up tomorrow and will post up some photos later.
  2. I meant to log this build while it was happening, but life sort of got in the way. Still, it’s a work in progress, so all is not lost… I bought an old ironhead sporty a couple of years ago, just because it was local, the numbers matched and it had live plates. No real attraction for the things, more a case of buy it, patch it up and see how it goes. If it was as horrible as they say, I’d just flick it on… Then I thought of Café’ing it, for a laugh, as it seemed the most unsuitable bike as a base, so I chiselled off all the eagles, dropped the front end 8” and fabricated a few bits and pieces while sorting out decades of neglect. A year or two later and I’ve fallen for the oily old thing, and now she’s 40 and rego is a realistic cost I’m using her more often, so some more work is on the cards… As I got her, mercifully there were no tassels… Front end drop… Tank mock-up… Seat and tail piece trial… Mechanical/wiring work… Getting there… And pretty much in current form…
  3. Hey guys First time poster but long time stalker of the OS forums here. This week I ventured north and picked this little bad boy up for a mere $350 with the intention of building a cafe/brat bike. It's obviously not looking the part right now, by the end I'm hoping to have it looking a little more like this. It runs well, but the tank is rusted to shit and will need to be replaced, most work will be cosmetic - though I'm hoping to slap an expansion chamber on it when the time comes. Right now I'm in the middle of stripping it down for paint and trying to find some old bits and pieces listed below Tank AX100, CB50-100 or similar Speedo to fit - So 6v to suit Suzuki, I've been told to look in to TF125 parts as they're still made and should be compatible. Lastly (for now) a circular head light, there are heaps on trade me but I'm ideally after something older and 6v specific. I know there's a few of these floating about on here so if you have any tips, tricks or any old stuff laying around lemme know! Will post pics of progress as it happens, Happy riding!