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Found 2 results

  1. Yes, yes I know, I should be working on the 86 or the 71, and not trailers and shit. Yet somehow I ended up as the proud (maybe?) owner of a 1985 Liteweight Tracker 520 caravan. Why? Yeah not sure really? Do I really want it? Probably. It could be good with a growing family. Anyway, it was previously owned by an auntie and uncle who used it a fair bit then parked in in 2008 and proceeded to not touch it again other than using it as storage. Sadly my uncle passed away a year ago and my auntie is selling up and moving on from the family home, so for some unknown reason I thought it was a good idea to make an offer on it. So there you go, I've got yet another project to deal with. I've been giving myself a crash course in Caravans and so far understand that Liteweights were made in NZ but the company closed up years ago, I know very little else. I'm hoping I will bump into a good barry who can take me under their wing and school me up. Aside from all the gunk and fade from sitting outside its actually in pretty reasonable condition as far as I can tell. The panels are straight and appear to be sealed, its dry as a bone inside and I can't find evidence of any leaks other than the step inside because the bottom of the seal has come away from the door. The windows and rubbers appear to be in really good condition, the floor seems solid, and most stuff inside seems to be there. Externally the lights are pretty fucked and the chassis needs work but generally its not bad (well, what I can see anyway). As mentioned its filled with junk but the awning is there, along with a fridge, chemical shitter, and piles of other bits. Plans? Get it mobile (or at least transportable) so I can get it to work and up on stands to take a good look at the chassis. Its a bit manky under there but looks reasonably solid so hoping a good clean up and zinc paint will sort it. The coupling is fubar so will get a new one and probably have to run new lines. Im expecting to need to replace all the lights so if anyone has a lead on replacements or upgrades in a similar style that would be great! Im also expecting the gas system and electrics to need work, but im hoping the later is at least serviceable. If the wiring is not able to be certified or what ever is needed I might just change it all to 12v as Ive got a big solar panel spare the same as on the trailer. Anyway, will make a start and see where we get to. Any advice will be appreciated!
  2. The humble Cefiro. Quite a nice car back in its day and some what pined over for some people being lumped into the category of JDM goodness to those who never got them. In NZ though... well. I think things like cut springs, matt black paint, 6x9 speakers for doof doofs and rtb bourbon'n'cokes spring to mind. Aswell as metal mulisha/dc stickers covering the back half of the car etc etc. Everyone knows the R fucking B stereotype very well in this country. So what do I do? Put a checky bid on a cefiro "parts car" on the tard of a lazy 100 bucks and end up purchasing one for myself. Nice As the pictures will tell you, this thing as been pretty neglected. Little bits of rust, someone has danced on the roof at some point, old bog work showing up, spray can practice area. Its a right state I tell you. I had a look at the history of the vehicle, It was imported in 1994 and seemed to have an okay life, it then came off the road at some point possibly from a WOF failure, then the rego lapsed. Was re registered in 2010 but never back on the road, the plates have never being on the car!!! She was most likely a bit slutty and handed around a few nissan "enthusiasts" who for the most part just robbed parts off it. It started life as a RB20DE auto with a LSD and Hicas. Never manual swapped, hicas never locked out, lsd long gone as is the motor and now has basiclly no interior and rust in some areas Admire the filth below
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