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Found 4 results

  1. Hi All, I though I would start posting abut my latest upgrade to my 1965 Hillman Super Minx. A few months ago I bought 2 Weber IDF 40 down drought carburetors to fit. I know it will never be a speed daemon but I just like building things. Carb's are new to me as I mostly work on injected engines so this was bit of a learning curve (still is). I will add some more posts of the build when I get more time. Here is a photo of the carbs when they arrived
  2. Hey team I am wanting to swap the carb out on my Toyota 4k-u. Motor has only had small amount of work (mild cam, free flow exhaust, and full internal freshen up) I have currently got a Weber 32/36 on it and personally im not a fan, needs rejetting and some modification to the throttle linkage to make it feel nicer on the pedal and drive as it should. I thought about just rebuilding a factory aisan carb but they are crap out of the factory anyway so dont see the point. I dont want to spend huge money. I have been looking into a nikki carb off the likes of a mazda b2000 or similar (because they can be bolted onto a factory manifold with little to no modification to manifold or throttle linkage) but i cant find any info out on factory jet size or venturi size to compare to the aisan or weber carb specs. Does anyone know the specs of these nikki carbs? My google searches have found little to no relevant information Or any other suggestions to carbs that would be well suited as a small upgrade. heard datsun l18 carbs are worth looking into aswell Any information or feedback appreciated
  3. I have a Weber 32/36 downdraft and i want to delete the power bypass circuit diaphragm on the side if that's what it is most race prepped Webers seem to have it removed but I'm not sure what exactly needs to be done like block a hole or something bypass something has any one done this?
  4. Hey guys, I've decided the next thing my car needs is a better carb. It's a 1300 mkII escort currently with the stock carb. I'm planning on eventually dropping in a 1600 so don't want to get too carried away now, but could definitely do with a bit more power and a carb seems like a cheap and easy upgrade which could eventually bolt onto the new engine to begin with. I've done a bit of research and it seems that a Weber 28/32 or a 32/36 is probably my best bet. Anyone got any advice on this? Do I need a new manifold, or could I get an adaptor milled up to bolt onto the existing one? If I do need a new manifold, is just any crossflow Weber downdraught setup suitable or do I need a certain type? I was hoping to spend somewhere in the region of $200-$300, is this a realistic figure? If anyone has anything suitable for sale pm me please. Any guidance or tips would be awesome.
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