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Found 2 results

  1. Discussion: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/57479-hyperblades-kp61-racecar-beams61-discussion/ Moving over my project from the club-k forums to make it a bit more public for those interested. So it started when I brought this 1984 Toyota Starlet Racecar, I wanted something I could drive to the track, while still being safe during racing, hence the roll cage. It came with a 2L Altezza 3SGE BEAMS engine with the 6 Speed box, already in it and a really good build history from the original owner. Sale thread here has some more details: https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/38220-fs-1981-kp61-starlet-race-car-certifed-homologated/ More to come...
  2. hey folks. i'm pretty new to oldschool, been around a few other places people might recognize me from so thought i'd chuck up a thread of where i've got to with my car and see what OS thinks. plan is to keep it road legal so i can still drive it to uni all week, then to the track and home on the weekend. eventual plan is to do targa with the old man. this thing just loves windy roads, almost as much as i do. and thats probably the sole reason i haven't moved on to another car. had this for almost 4 years now. most of the progress has happened in the last year after attending a few track days then started thinking 'shit this is cool!'. have been a uni student studying engineering the whole time i have owned this car so has all been done on a very tight budget and all done myself. this is how it started; 4afe, single pot brakes, shit arse respray, jamex springs (laugh) went through and modded the 4afe a bit and also put koni adj. shocks etc in until i got to the point where i needed to do things properly. so went on a big money spending mission wired in a blacktop with c56 LSD gearbox. added oil cooler and custom extractors to get it a bit better race prepared. oil temps were getting up towards 140deg after track sessions. works nicely with my massive airbox converted to discs all round and big 275mm rotors with twin pot brakes on the front running TRD black pads i scored super cheap. then decided to do it properly with a cage and racetech seats and harnesses. still daily driven and love every minute of it! recently smashed the clutch to pieces at manfield. got a TRD clutch for 30bux and replacing syncro's in gearbox so no more curnchy crunch. hoping to get it all back together this weekend in time to get the suspension a bit better sorted with stiffer springs and HUGE rear swaybar in anticipation of winter series coming up. hoping to do all of the manfield rounds if money permits/nothing goes bang. let me know what you think. hopefully will meet a whole bunch of GC's at nats for mean yarns!
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