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Found 12 results

  1. Logo's 1974 G60 Nissan Patrol Discuss away here Logo's 1974 G60 Nissan Patrol tips tricks and possibly just some cool upgrades you think would look wicked
  2. So here it is I thought I might as well get a page ready for her while she is stuck in a dock somewhere in Victoria. Logo's 1974 G60 Nissan Patrol Discussion As the title says this is my new (old) 1974 G60 Nissan Patrol This thing has been registered in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and hopefully soon to be Western Australia. Some casual little details about it from the previous owner/s It was engineered with a Holden 308 5ltr V8 something like 20 years ago, its backed by a marks 5speed gearbox, has disc brakes all around. While the last owner had it he professionally got all the rust cut out and replaced. replaced all the wheel bearings, rear diff bearings and seals, replaced the clutch and has a brand new exhaust. Completely reconditioned Rochester quadrajet carby, 5 new maxxis mud terrain 33s and a custom more durable offroad matt beige/brown paint. He also actually metal fabbed an air dam instead of some bogan fix the previous owner before him made up. Which well also has its issues... He installed a highflow thermostat. So in all reality this thing actually gets too cold which causes the automatic choke to somewhat get stuck on for a bit longer wasting fuel like no tomorrow through that beautiful V8 idle. This accompanied by size 73jets in the carby which he has a set of 71s which might help with a bit of fuel economy along the way. Rigged an electric fuel pump because.... engine thirsty. He tried to grease the rear bushes because of a squeak which he replied... I think I made it actually louder as they loaded it on the transport truck. Has a bunch of spares, all the badges, interior bits and pieces, spare hubs, drive shafts, full set of fulcrum bushes etc. He sussed some original seats from an older model so they made compliance in Victoria so he could actually pass the pits and also they are worth a bit of money. Which helps me even get close to passing this thing over the pits in WA. (somewhat pretty strict on any mods) Door rubbers are apparently a bit loose need some glue to stick them back on. Also as like any straight pipe into a fuel tank they tend to back splash with the speed the new pumps spew out liquid gold. He was also kind enough to be like hey i forgot some stuff in the shed like back up touch up cans and a tub of the paint with the code still on it. Also some spares, because who doesn't love spare old stuff that doesn't exist anymore. So... Heres the bad thing. I bought this and paid for the transport even with them giving 20mins to the guy who lives 50mins away to pick it up... its sitting in some big shed waiting till the 3rd of May to be sent by boat to WA on the 8th. I want the precious. Give me the precious. Here are some pictures i've stolen from him and one of it being dragged onto the truck. Discussion will be added somewhere in here
  3. Hi everyone, I recently acquired the car of my dreams and Greg (64Valiant) has told me to share it with you. I'm pretty new to forums but here we go: She's a 1972 Datsun 240z in off-white/cream. The previous owner had her since 1976. The Z was driving around 20 or so years ago, but has been parked up in a garage with a cover since around 1995. He passed away four years ago and the family decided to sell it through the Z Club to find an enthusiast to bring her back to glory. Luckily, I was the first serious buyer and the rest is history. NZ new car 85000 original miles I'm the third owner Interior is near mint (no cracks in the dash and factory radio still installed) Minimal rust (no such thing as a no-rust 240 haha) She runs but clutch won't engage, so is probably fused to the flywheel which should be interesting. The rego has lapsed and I'm trying to keep the black plates naturally, so anyone familiar with this process please shout out! Currently assessing what needs doing for Re-vin and looking at options after that. I will keep her mostly stock, only changing the suspension to something a bit stiffer and throwing on some 15 or 16" Minilites or Watanabes a bit later on in the piece. She's a real darling so I'm not going to deflower her with flares or an Airdam. I've probably forgotten something else important but I'm sure you'll all point it out. Looking forward to chatting and meeting everyone. Thanks for reading, -Reubin First fresh air for 20 odd years! Discussion Thread
  4. Hey guys, first post on here so don't judge the bad post setup Recently (as in back in May) noticed a 300zx z31 for sale down in Christchurch while looking for a new car. Never really heard anything about them but instantly fell in love with the 80's style and the pornstar interior. Turns out one of my mates was travelling down to Christchurch that upcoming weekend to buy a S14 so the plans were made. Got down to Christchurch from Nelson on Saturday and went to go view the Z. Slightly rough exterior(paint chips, fading etc) but nothing that couldn't be fixed. Interior was mint and it sounded and drove awesome so I bought it. We drove around Christchurch and even through Littleton Tunnel with a (almost..) straight pipe exhaust, sounded mean....even set off some car alarms Temperature gauge was hovering just below half way the entire time which is normal. On the trip back to Nelson that night, everything seemed fine. Had to pull over due to a accident with a car towing a boat on the trailer flipping over(hope they were alright, car looked alright though) and noticed steam coming out from under the bonnet. Then noticed it had no coolant in the radiator or hoses. Radiator hoses were just fine, no leaks or anything. Main suspect was a small hose under the intake manifold. But as it was about 10pm and getting a tow truck was too expensive, and we had no tools or parts etc. decided we were going to leave the Z sitting in a paddock while we went back up to Nelson. Next day, drove down again with a mate and his Hilux and car trailer. Picture of it on the trailer Drove all the way back, almost ran out of diesel, but finally got it home. Then took up the task of finding that leak. Found the shagged hose, then discovered that it wasn't the only leak and found a big split on the coolant pipe to the throttle body Fixed all that and the Z lives again. Thankfully it didn't overheat Picture of it on the front lawn Notice the fully sick Settlement aka Honda City? That's going to have it's own dedicated post soon. I've got some big plans for that beast Also found out that I actually bought the Z off a fellow old school member Fliboi Link to his post on this exact car //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/47732-flibois-1986-z31-fairlady/
  5. Hey guys, spit your yarns here. Would also love to hear your opinions on what wheels I should get as I'm undecided. Cheers
  6. Howdy oldschoolers, I've been out of touch for most of the past year as I've been hitting the tools pretty hard over here in Oz, but finally I've returned to the realm of manual chokes, real heavy ass chrome, and carbueretted sorcery. It was a bit of an whim as I was really holding out for a wagon of some description (ke26, xm falcon, p510), but the price was right, the spares were plentiful, and the old girl really needed a caring hand to ensure she didn't end up stickered and forgotten. It's rego'd and running (sort of) and has an absolute butt load of spares. The previous owner is hooking me up with a load of doors and shit tomorrow, but I already have mint jdm tail lights, a couple grilles, chrome window trims, a dash, door cards, blah blah blah! It came with a heinous set of bbs replicas that I despise, they're 16x9 (which looks dumb as hell on this car) and 4/5x100 mounted on 20mm spacers as I discovered today when removing them. Not too sure what I'll do with them, maybe sell for a couple hundy to a flat peaker who doesn't care. The motor is an L23, perfect for a swap to L24/26/28 I believe. 3 speed auto, which is nice and cruisey and might stay. 93,000 miles, which I believe to be correct as in 2011 an old lady named Helen left a shakily written little note of the mile's being 85000ish in the centre console. Body straightish, a few obvious bog spots and the rolled rear guards suck but I'm not too fussed as a lot of hard work has already gone into the body. The black interior looks horrible, but I feel like underneath all the dust and dirt it'll actually turn out quite nice when restored and sorted with a few spares. The current plan is L series upgrade, paint, interior, 14/15x7/8jj rims (five spoke wats would look sick me thinks) and a bit of low. I'll edit this with a pic soon, but for now picture a mustard yellow/army green and black mark IV cedric perched on stupid looking 90's bbs knock offs.
  7. Hi everyone. I own an '84 Bluebird which currently has a FWD CA18E Auto in it. I really want to convert this to a manual, but unsure whether to buy a manual gearbox if possible to fit it to the current motor, or buy an already manual motor. So a couple of questions: Which method will be the easiest/most cost effective? If I were to buy another whole motor, what models would bolt straight in? Would converting to manual be worth it? Cheers
  8. Hi guys, This Nissan Laurel was stolen from my flat's driveway in New Brighton last night. Please pm me if you have any information.
  9. Bought this little thing yesterday from a proper English gentleman. He even agreed to take a cash deal (<$2000) and remove it from TM where I was top bidder but auction wasn't closing until 7pm Sunday night, by which time we'd be heading back south. Picking it up Sunday afternoon in Auckland after Kumeu, when the owner returns from a trip to Singapore. 125,xxx kms! 2 NZ owners, the first one imported it at 40,xxx kms and was apparently a millionaire antique dealer who used it to putter between his shops, and the second is the above mentioned gentleman who has used it to commute daily for the last 4 years. It is a 1984 Nissan Sunny Van (2 door = VB11) with a E13S 1.3L 4 cylinder and 4 speed manual floor shift, in a front tug arrangement. Hopefully the E13S is the Jap market one which claims 75 PS. Seller's pics will have to do for now, I'll update and replace these with better photo's next week. For now the only plan is to get it on the hoist and have a look over it, new fluids and filters, and start dailying the little gem. Cam belt, water pump, CV's, and brakes have been done in the last 20,000 km according to the seller. But you best believe I've already photochop dropped it with some little alloys. Simple yet effective, the rims are some Zona mesh that were on the 'tard recently. Chur
  10. Hi all, i have a c33 laurel which im putting an ld28 in and i want to turbo it, iv read all over the internet that the l20et exhaust manifold works so i sourced one of these and found that the studs dont quite line up, i did a little grinding work to make it fit but now when i try to fit the intake manifold on it cant fit around some parts of the exhaust manifold. i cant seem to find any info on this. Would an l20et intake manifold fit? what else can i do other than getting a custom manifold as i want to keep costs down?
  11. HI there, Looking at buying a 1982 S110 Nissan Silvia for a new project. Unfortunately it has the 3spd auto box. Dont know alot about these cars so my question is what gearbox was used/will fit with the Z20 engine. Also is it a hydro or cable clutch setup? Cheers
  12. Hey all. Southern Skyline Enthusiasts members are converging on Invercargill on Sunday December the 9th, and it'd be great to have some classics (or anything really) come along too. We've had a number of successful multi club meets with ClubSub, NZHondas and ToySpeed before, but this is the first time i've invited Old School (don't know why i haven't in the past to be honest). For those that don't know much about the club, we are NOT flat peaker boy racer hoons who you normally see on the news acting like complete dropkicks. There could be a number of people over 30 (and maybe a couple over 50) heading down and none of them fit that stereotype. Those that do fit it come along to a meet, probably get bored since we don't do skids etc and we never see them again! We won't tolerate anyone doing skids or anything though, as it's obviously not a good look - so those that do so will be asked to leave (i've only had to warn people about it a couple of times before, but they never came back to another meet after that, wonder why... ). But yeah, hopefully some of you can make it along, there will be a few non Nissans there (a MK.III Supra and Celica from ToySPeed may be coming along) so just bring what you've got. Original topic: http://southernskyli....php?f=28&t=274 And maybe in Feb or March next year we could be doing a weekender, by meeting in Balclutha and taking the Southern Scenic Route to Invergiggle, and maybe participating in a track day at Teretonga on the Sunday if it coincides. But yeah, nothing concrete yet.
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