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Found 4 results

  1. Hey guys, My project is a 1985 Lancia Delta HF Turbo. Purchased about 3 years ago as a stock-standard 130 flywheel hp front wheel drive carb turbo HF, i proceeded over the first year to rollcage it, have the suspension built, and upgrade the brakes. I then spent a year hillclimbing/street sprint/circuit racing it - then decided to opt for more power. Its now about 80% complete with a Fiat Croma 2 litre 8 valve injected turbo, same engine effectively as the Integrale but without balance shafts (the Group A cars never ran balance shafts in the block). Turbo is T28 from GTIR, bigger cams from N/A engine, bigger throttle body and manifold, front mount intercooler, 440cc evo injectors, Group A chip, Delta GTie gearbox, ARP rodbolts with new bearings, gated sump, HKS blow off valve, carbon-kevlar custom clutch with shot-peened lighter flywheel. Im hoping for roughly 200 - 220 wheel hp @ 950 - 980kgs when i turn the key.
  2. Facepage & Info : www.facebook.com/events/343376036208593/427869601092569 So yeah Brittish VS Euros? Might drag this along
  3. Hey guys, let me introduce my '85 Lancia Delta HF Turbo. It started off life as 1.6 carb turbo 8 valve front wheel drive. Its now pretty close to turning the key as a 2.0 Injected turbo 8 valve front wheel drive with double the factory horsepower in full race trim. Here are some highlights: - 6 point Lynchbuilt rollcage Momo Start 2007 bucket seats Targa/Track tuned 400lb springs Boge shocks (dyno'ed to suit springs, with custom heights and stroke) Advanti CP035 15" rims with Nitto NT01 dot rated race rubber WRX twin pot front calipers, Lancia Thema rotors, Bigger master cylinder. Fiat Croma 2 litre 8V Turbo, (same as integrale engine but w/o balance shafts as per the Group A cars). T28 GTIR turbo with 360 degree thrust modded by Steve Murch Bigger Cams, throttle body, intake manifold. ARP rodbolts, new bearings. 2-1/2" mandrel bent exhaust and downpipe. 16 Row Oil Cooler Front mounted Intercooler 440cc Mitsi VR4 injectors with Bosch 044 fuel pump. Integrale Grp A chip. Delta GTie gearbox with top mount shifter. Cold air intake. Carbon-Kevlar clutch with shotpeened lightweight flywheel. Its about 80 percent through the conversion, will update you when the key turns and it fires. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/45083-carls-1985-lancia-delta-hf-turbo/
  4. This is my 89 Lancia Delta, its a 1600 twin cam FWD unfortuately not the intergrale but we all gotta start somewhere. I bought it for a song it only needed a windscreen and as im a glazier that was no problem. Plans for it are white WRC style mags dont no about a lowering job though? new front seats as the originals are totall shagged. Maybe a turbo conversion once ive sold my stockcar
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