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Found 3 results

  1. About a year ago, I indulged myself in my sickest fantasies and got myself an XJ40 Jaguar. Was planning on getting a later (post 1990) 4.0L one, but this one came up for sale closer to home at a reasonable price, so instead I ended up at the other end of the spectrum (oh there's a spectrum involved here) and got a pretty early (around Jan/Feb '87, production started in Oct/Nov '86) 3.6L Sovereign, complete with 80s funk digital dash. She's fairly solid/tidy, haven't done many km's in her due to being busy as fuck at work, study and home DIY, but have sorted out a list of things to sort out. Only major work done so far has been replacing the water pump, due to it leaking all the new coolant I placed into it out of its weep hole. Other issue I have at the moment is that I think the alternator is playing out, as I'm having charging issues, so need to look into that more. Pics for thread (yes, I know the chrome arch covers are gross as fuck and I shall remove them in time, just afraid of what lays under them).
  2. FB link pic could be a good pre-Nats meet or dry run for those getting theor cars ready for a trip to Raglan! @Gasser @BillyTong @baby k somone tag that Audi guy @Cazza @Duddley @Leebo3
  3. https://oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/59315-indiana_jones-1987-jaguar-sovereign-xj40/ (Shameless ripoff of Thousand Dollar Supercar's thread)
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