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Found 5 results

  1. Does anyone know if the ae86 steering rack fits into a a toyota carina aa60?
  2. Picked up a AA60 coupe. Girl friend promptly named it something girly ha It's pretty dam tidy with very little rust. I made s point of pulling plait off to feel around and it's pretty sweet. Motor runs mint, clutch would have been done not long ago, interia all there and good con, coupe little strainers here and there. Full digital dash 3A T50 (22 spline I'm told) Small axel One very open diff And a truck ton of body roll. Will be left standard for a while. Plans of SSR mk3's New fixed shock and spring combo all round to get it low and stiff Lock diff or LSD And swap the 4agze out of my aw11 into it once the 7A finally goes in //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/52439-ashs-a6-carina-coupe-lyfe/
  3. Discussion: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/42533-the-uza63-carina/ Same shit, different shell.
  4. Discuss: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/44585-brads-1987-toyota-carina/ Hey OS, picked this up a few months back now. 3A-U 4speed, pretty mint condition. nothing really changed, just been tidying her up, driving the shit out of it and collecting parts Plans: 4age t50 slam dooooort. Few pics of when I bought it; Shitty phone pics.
  5. so with my mk1 only gettin more hagged the more i drove it and the wagon in a million chopeed up little pieces in the shed id decided i needed a daily so looking through trade me i found a car i neva thought id see in nz with my own eyes a real AA63 carina 2 door. factory as wheels and exhaust as only mods. the car with heavy crap in the back looks odd so high
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