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Found 3 results

  1. Hey Guys, Are there any decent exhaust fabricators/shop in Wellington (preferably inner wellington) that deal with custom/stainless stuff? Thanks in advance.
  2. I am wanting to build a complete new exhaust for my MK2 1600X/Flow Cortina. I have Coby extractors and 45mm piping plus a Coby resonator or two. Could anyone give me some advice on what layout I should have. I have heard someone saying that having a smaller resonator in the middle and a slightly bigger one at the back is good. Also will I need a muffler or just put in some exhaust wool? I am wanting it to be relativly lound but not annoying, I am wanting it to pop and cackle on deacceleration but understand this my not be possible with the stock cam.
  3. Hi there, I need an exhaust length of about 600mm made up. It will run from the factory manifold of my L24 at 1.5' dia and connect to the new twin 2' Stainless Fujitsubo system I have had shipped in from Osaka. Basically twin parallel pipes start 1.5', bend, bend end at 2'. I want it stainless if possible to go with the other shiny bits. I have contacted Coby Exhausts but the guy sounded reluctant/grumbly and I'm not into that. Also wouldn't do Stainless. Also rang up "Pro Flo" Custom header shop in Sunshine Ave but the phone was disconnected?? No response, I guess they're closed down. Can anyone recommend a shop or person that will do a good job. Don't mind price if it reflects quality. Timeframe is before nats. Thanks in advance, Reubin
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