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Found 5 results

  1. Picked this up the other week with help from Todd (driftnmaz). Its got a 3a which is running quite rough at the moment, with a 4 speed t50 (3rds fucked). The high tech rubbish bag is because we cant get the window into its tracks (hopefully fix it this weekend) The clutch is fucked and its got a lockie in it. Has a bit of rust, which has just been bogged up for now. Plans are to get it wofed and regoed ASAP, then attempt to drift with the 3a, slam, wheels and after ive gotten used to it im going to be dropping a 4age in. When i do the 4age im going to do all the rust properly. It came with a SHIT load of spares, which i still havent gotten through. Discuss here: viewtopic.php?f=18&t=35283
  2. *** Discussion *** Hey guys, back again after another year sweating my ass off in West Oz. Decided I should start a new build thread for my ke70, seeing as its a different build and direction from the old rust heap, although it will be using some of the same parts. So abit of background to bring the build up to present... I picked up Kermit as one of those great condition, old lady owner cars. She gifted it to the solo mum next door when she died, who somehow, managed to kill the trusty ol 4k engine. I bought it cheap, everything sweet apart from the 1300cc push rod anchor. After dropping in a reconned 4k I had lying around, it became my daily driver for ages. Stock standard apart from cutties and a set of 14x6.5 Longchamps. After my other dx, a race car project, came to a sudden halt after finding large amounts of car cancer in the wiper tray, firewall, chassis, and A pillar, Kermit was signed up for the job instead. In the back of my mind, I kept hearing the old saying; don't race anything you're not willing to push off a cliff. Which although, maybe a little extreme, does hold some truth. So the decision was made to scrap the race car idea, and keep him as a road going car. Of course I didn't make that decision until I had already stripped the car bare, cut out the firewall/gbox tunnel, and sold or dumped everything but the shell and exterior panels. I found a new home for the 13b turbo engine in a FC rx7, which has taken over as the race car project. Unfortunately the rest of the new parts i had collected were of no use in the rx7. The good news is, I have all these shiny new parts, and nothing else to do with them, so although Kermit is to stay a road car, the performance will be better than your average dx, or alot of other cars on the road for that matter...
  3. Having just had another ankle operation, Im sitting at home with my leg up and not much else to do. So thought Id start up a thread for my next project, and try to keep it updated as I hopefully make some progress over the next few months Iv got off work. Well thats the intention. Anyway, to the project... Bought a 83 ke70 sedan, and a Series 5 13bt to liven things up. Basically the plan is to build a relatively light, and decent handling rotary. Sedan was in alright condition, tho not running, it was pretty rust free and straight given its age, and had a recond 4k with twin carbs and extractors sitting in it.
  4. Ok i bought this brown, standard dx sedan at teh start of january 05. It had 165km, pretty mint interior, not too much rust, 4k 4spd and a nice leaky muffler. It has 15% tints, panasonic mp3/wma, pioneer 6x9s, 3 3'4 colour change tacho, sum rust taken out, 13x7 wheels on 205's, dytech dumpy. Future- Well in the next couple of weeks i will be lowering, either legal cuts, compressed or superlows, have rolled the rear guards so wont rub And probably fix the surface rust and respray with my cousin. Long term( hopefully before new years)- Panel and paint, new wheels, 5 spd, front components, steering wheel. I think its pretty cool, and being a sedan reasonably rare, and i'm still at high school so this is payed for by my part time job. When i leave and get a real job hopefully i'll get a more powerful motor and make it a bit flasher. Discussion //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/18606-droppdkps-1982-toyota-corolla-dx/?hl=droppdkp%26%2339%3Bs
  5. Bought this off trade me just before Xmas looks jacked at the front due to lack of engine 1982 TOYOTA COROLLA DX 4AGE ROLLING BODY Certified for: Flares Modified engine mounts Lowered suspension AE86/TE71 back axle 15x7 Alloys 4AGE and 5sp -Guards have been properly flared, not just bolt on -15x6.5 Heroes multipiece racing mags with 2 good pirelli tyres -front fibreglass body kit -King/Cobra springs ( i dont know for sure) Larger diameter than usual so the struts have been modified to account for this. -shortened monroe shocks. -ae86/te71 back axle - diff/discs -full 3inch exhaust and chrome 'dump' tip It had 2 engines in bits and both blocks were fucked but It did include a good bluetop head which has had hardened valve seats and ported and polished. Got a motor lined up with box for pretty cheaps which is good. So I'll have that sent to the builder to get striped, with the bluetop head slotted in and hopefully a set of high comp pistons if all goes well. The body wasnt too bad with minimal rust though some bits (sunroof) have been put in a bit on the cheap. interior wasnt in it when I got it so Ive started slowly reassembling it. couldnt find one nut bolt or screw that I needed. Dash is in about eight thousand pieces so If anyone has a spare COMPLETE dash, either PM me on here or txt on 0273117802. Centre on wheels are being painted black. Future Plans: Get the motor in and running. Get a back bumper and from here either sell it or continue on with the rest, p&p (including twin roundlight front) more engine work (charged in one way or another) seats etc
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