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Found 10 results

  1. I've had this 6 months now so decided it can get its own thread So I swapped my 82 l200 ute that I had done endless hours on back to the guy I bought it off for this beauty. A 1982 ex lancer gsl Originally 1.6 auto but has now got a big block 4g63 sohc 8 valve and 5 speed manual conversion. It had no wof or rego when I got it I put four new tyres on, replaced the fart cannon exhaust tip with a normal one and a few minor things it got a wof. And I daily drove the shit out of it
  2. The time has finally come to start work on the starion. the escort is pretty much done and the lancer is waiting on some funds for a link so the starion has made it's way into the garage. Plans: Rebuild engine with bigger turbo and multipoint Make a custom front to go with the kit Fit coilover suspension Panel and Paint, don't know what colour yet Put nice exhaust on it and ehjoy driving it. It has only done 37000 miles so the interior is in good condition. gearbox feels to be good aswell and hoping the factory LSD is also in excellent condition. Side by side starion projects Pulled the head off. Now have to pull the block out. engine has a loud knocking. Think its big end. Some shots from different angles
  3. Discuss about how I have been infected with trying to fix rusty old mitsis and should really see a doctor..... Project thread...
  4. Okay like always I haven't been on here for quite some time, so here's what I've been working on the last two years or more. So here's a few posts hopefully in order all at once.... Purchased this sweet L200 off westley, I think hes on here, another mitsi buddy. Was rolling body, didn't look too bad rust wise but whole reason I bought it was because I'm a sucker for twin round headlights This is where it started Discuss here...
  5. Starting my 4G63+t project brought the car 6 months ago for 800 bucks rego and wofed original paint, 2 rust holes in the rear bottom corner and paint fading in a few places heres some pics as of when i got it
  6. Found a Microtech ecu tuned for an evo engine comes with all sensors CAS and throttle body was wanting to know if anyone knew if the cas and throttle body fit on the Vr4 engines?
  7. On the home stretch of rebuilding a 4g63 vr4 engine, was replacing the old cometic 0.066" head gasket with a 0.051" gasket. Was wanting your guys opinions on whether or not i would need to check the valve to piston clearance?
  8. Discuss away, build at: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48215-kcs-1982-skidma/
  9. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/48218-kcs-1982-skidma-discussion/ Righto, Bit of a background of me: Im Kc Rose and iv been a viewer on this site for the last three years, but never had a post of my own. Im 18 Years old and am an Apprentice engineer. Although This is a post about my 82' sigma ill share some oldschool background first: My First car was a 1982 greenied de-sprung Ex lancer with the might 1200cc powerplant that i bought at 15yo this was my afterschool project with help from my dad. after we had finished it looked like this and after I got d.i.c'd while i had loss of traction we rebuilt a 4g32(1600cc) motor and put that in. so after i got offered a stupid amount of money for it i kinda went on a spending spree getting a vs commodor (no pics coz not oldschool) a 78' datsun c20 van, an 81' Sigma and an 88' Volvo 740. now after a while i sold the van which later i found out got written off and i sold the sigma which my father has told me has nearly been written of several times around town. and of course i sold the commodor well.. because it wasnt oldschool! so what im left with is a 88' volvo. And this is my dream car believe it or not. ever since 8 years old i had un unhealthy want for a 740 wag. so after lots of trademe hunting i found one. after driving it around for 3 months it was clear that the old girl needed some tlc. so i decided i would buy a runabout and take the 2 tonne beast off the road for some AU Falcon turboness.. haha! but more about that on another thread. Anyway! here is my 1982 skidma runabout/driving project
  10. so this is my daily driver.. pritty tidy al round bit off rust under cab is only thing stopping it from getting a wof, currently running a 4g63 sohc carby engine is a bit tired and think some minor internal damage since trying to fix oil leek. replaced front crank seal but wile doing so accidentaly washd of timeing marks so tryed seting cams to tdc and ended up turning oveer with cams about 90deg out before reliseing cam marks were not the mark on top rocker cover but small nub on left side of head.. shit :/ got it running again but def can tell some damage was done and is still leeking oil and have used so much degreaser trying to find oil leek but seems impossible to locate 100%..
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