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Found 9 results

  1. How exciting, my first project thread. So here it is. My new 1988 Hyundai Stellar. I've wanted one for the past 2 or so years. because their such an odd-ball car, hardly no one knows what the fuck it is, and there are practically none of them left now. As they all rusted out. My Nana and Grandad had one for a short time between approx 2008 and 2011. Theirs was the pre-facelift model. I've got the facelift model that came out in 1988. The front end on the facelift model doesn't look so naff. A bit of history behind the car, it was brought by a south African guy down in Christchurch about 9 months ago, and then driven up to Auckland. He did about 11,000KM's in it, during that short time. Before that it was owned by an old couple down in Christchurch by the name of Mr and Mrs J.D Dale. They owned it for 24 years. Before them it was with a rental car company called Southern Cross Rental Group for 3 years from when it was first registered in 1988. So it was obviously a rental car for a while. Furthermore it was sold from the local Mitsubishi yard. I discovered the Stellar while I was driving up White Swan road in Lynfield. I was in the green Mirage at the time, and was like shit, it's a Stellar. So I turned around and gave chase, but yeah I lost him. I then noticed he was at the Z station in Lynfield filling up. So I went in for a chat, and got his number, then went in about a week for so later too have a look, and a test drive. As I discovered he only lived 5 minutes away. Basically for those that don't know, the chassis is the same as an early 80's Mark V Ford Cortina, and has similar Mitsubishi mechanical'sto that of an early 80's Mitsubishi Sigma, with a 4G32 engine and Borg Warner 3-speed automatic transmission. Another reason I brought it, was it ticks off three boxes, it's automatic so will be a good cruiser, it's rear wheel drive, (it can drift but not that well with the 1.6L) and finally, I had too set myself apart LOL. It does have a few issues that need sorting for the WOF. It's also got a few pretty mean oil leaks, and smokes like a typical Mitsubishi engine should LOL. But I will get onto replacing the seals, head gasket, rocker cover, and giving it a damn good service, replace leads and all that normal stuff when I can free up some money. For now I just want too drive it when I can. Well enough rambling. Time for some pics. Cheers
  2. A53c? Wow cool project. I’ve got a few a57c parts but shipping would be killer. Good luck! edit: thanks mod my bad.
  3. So my first post here, im currently restoring my 1972 Mitsubishi GTO I just recently acquired here in the US. Does anyone know of any leads on parts? I really need a hood(bonnet) because its so rusty. And I'm always open other parts and pieces. Cheers!
  4. okay, so i am extremely new to this whole forum, and cars in general really I am in the process of researching about putting twin carbs onto my 4g32. ive been doing a fair bit over the last couple days about it, but have only just come across the fact that there are TWO kinds of 4g32, a saturn motor and another, which i cannot remember the name of... i assume a bunch of you would know. but what i am here for is.. can anybody tell, by looking at this photo(can get more/better ones tomorrow) what model 4g32 this is? I'm curious as i was looking into intake manifolds when i found out there were 2 kinds. Photo will be in my build thread. Thanks a bunch for any help. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/47785-raddcatts-1982-mitsubishi-lancer/
  5. Link to build thread A place to talk shite about my sigma money pit. Cheers all.
  6. Discussion thread I've been convinced to finally through up a build thread for the siggy. Build up started last year so I'll start from there. I purchased this n around July last year from a guy down in Dunedin, who in turn purchased it from some old couple, where it had been stored for 14 odd years or so (if I remember right). I found it by mistake really, just saw some pretty shoddy photos on trademe of it for sale while looking at old colts and gtos. After some google-fuing, it seemed like a pretty interesting project. They were a bit more popular across the ditch (more commonly known as the Chrysler Sigma (seriously though click that)), and are commonly swapped with everything from Evo 4g63ts to 1jzs to Chevy small-blocks. A decent looking, sub 1000kg, large engine bay, rwd slice of fun half the price of an okay condition ke corolla, what's to loose? So I picked it up, and it was better than expected. Only one spot of minor visible rust, in the bottom rear of the fender on the drivers side. Original Registration sticker. Some minor bruising around the front and rear bumpers, were the rear bumper seems to have been lightly tapped by something, but otherwise the super oxidised paint appeared to be all there and all good. Here it is before and after possibly the only good cut and polish its ever had: And Paint wise, it came out looking mint. Wish I took more photos of this to give it justice.
  7. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/47813-dannybattie-1973-colt-1600/ Discussion here - see link for project Advice on what to replace the 4G32 Saturn Engine with? Keen to keep costs down and ideally looking to keep the swap fairly straight forward. But a 2 liter and extra power would be nice. 4G61/4G62/4G63 ????? Any advice on engine upgrades/swaps??
  8. Hi Everybody. Welcome to my first ever post on ANY forum so please excuse any mistakes I may make(hopefully none) I'll like to document my(very slow) build on my 1982 EX Mitsubishi Lancer I bought this car off my boss as a crashed, green stickered, no rego'd car they had left it to sit underneath a few trees at their house and I said time to give her up Scott(my boss' name) so he finally gave in and sold it to me. $800 later which i was happy with So hopefully it will end up how I invision and hopefully with a fair bit of help along the way from you lot Here is the car how I bought it.
  9. So here I begin. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/47814-dannybattie-1973-colt-1600-discussion/ This little beastie was a little neglected on the side of the road and so I decided to rescue her. She is mostly original. I'm gradually fixing her up. Gearbox is freshly refurbished with an extra 5th gear. The Green Machine interior is good and the engine (1600 Saturn 4G32) is running fairly well from what I can tell. While I'm sure the purists out there will be disappointed, I am looking for parts/advice on simple and cost effective: Motor upgrade (extra power) Lowering kit/parts Lock or tight diff Any other bolt on upgrades Any feedback, comments, parts, motors etc is most welcome
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