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Found 5 results

  1. I've had this 6 months now so decided it can get its own thread So I swapped my 82 l200 ute that I had done endless hours on back to the guy I bought it off for this beauty. A 1982 ex lancer gsl Originally 1.6 auto but has now got a big block 4g63 sohc 8 valve and 5 speed manual conversion. It had no wof or rego when I got it I put four new tyres on, replaced the fart cannon exhaust tip with a normal one and a few minor things it got a wof. And I daily drove the shit out of it
  2. Discuss about how I have been infected with trying to fix rusty old mitsis and should really see a doctor..... Project thread...
  3. Hey All, any tips for engine mounts - can you buy them? Whats the go for LSD diff conversions - solid axle type? Any other handy tips from anyone, cheers
  4. Hi Everybody. Welcome to my first ever post on ANY forum so please excuse any mistakes I may make(hopefully none) I'll like to document my(very slow) build on my 1982 EX Mitsubishi Lancer I bought this car off my boss as a crashed, green stickered, no rego'd car they had left it to sit underneath a few trees at their house and I said time to give her up Scott(my boss' name) so he finally gave in and sold it to me. $800 later which i was happy with So hopefully it will end up how I invision and hopefully with a fair bit of help along the way from you lot Here is the car how I bought it.
  5. Hey, My name is Ben Vallance and this is my 1982 GX61 Toyota Corona Mark II I was driving down Memorial Ave in Christchurch and I spotted the old beast for sale on the side of the road. Knowing she had A LOT of potential I quickly contacted the owner who was an old man wanting to sell his beloved family car from which he owned since the car was imported New Zealand new from Japan due to the fact that his eyesight had become impaired and couldn't see well enough to drive... His loss my score! When it came to inspection I brought Rodney a good mate from work with me so we could carefully look over the car for any sign of damage Etc.. Ever heard when its too good to be true then it probably is? Well not in this circumstance, Hey Presto! 188,000 k's on the clock, the Original ownership papers and to my surprise a handbook with documentation of every service, replacement part, hell even when he's changed the water. The Interior Was mint condition with two seat covers that looked like they had been on there since the beginning judging from the amount of lint that had built up in the buttons of the seat. The Outside was Fantastic and after buying it and getting its first full tank of gas I gave it a Full Cut/Polish I plan on doing a few modifications to it over the years I have it. Lists include: -1JZ-GTE Engine conversion and Manual gear box -Tinting the windows -Lowering for the moment is gong to be shortened springs but I would like to have adjustable suspension at some stage -Vinyl leather upholstery for the inside because since owning it I have made 3 burn holes in the seats without even noticing -Looking for a set of rims that would suit it at the moment, any help? -2.5" straight pipe exhaust/ (+screamer pipe when the jz comes) -Full custom carpeted boot Subwoofer enclosure with lid for easy access to the spare wheel -And a whole lot more as I find bits i want to mess around with and restore PROJECT DISCUSSION HERE: //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/35902-benvallances-1982-gx61-toyota-corona-mark-ii/ *Photo I took with my friend Max's 1983 Corona Dx
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