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Found 6 results

  1. Thought i would post up a build thread on my little red austin! little story , im only 16 and had been going past this car seeing it parked for about a year since it stopped working , i asked them if they wanna sell it and ended up getting it for $100 but it has quite abit of rust and a little diff/gearbox issue ive been told , so im planning to get it back legal and on the road for my first old school car
  2. discussion for my build thread //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/51933-samdash17s-1975-austin-1300/
  3. Hey Everyone, (Project Thread) Here's my baby. Now, I wonder if anyone can help? The seller says the car's a GSR but since she hasn't been very honest, I'm having my doubts...(then again she could be misinformed and very oblivious) All the car really has to associate him with a GSR is his bolt-ons but these could have easily been fitted. He has no identifying badges. They were thrown out with the original grille. He has no GSR seats. Was told the front were swapped (one's green, the other's brown. Thought only one might have been replaced but none match the colour of the back seat and interior, which is black). No mention of the back seat being changed but it has a different pattern to the GSRs that I have seen online (eg. 1, 2 ). Also, the back side panel is different. Mine has a debossed GT in the back and a metal strip above the ridges. I don't see that in this GSR. Lastly, his chassis number starts with A57C - 39O (A57C - 39O1176) where the 75 GSRs on goo-net-exchange (eg. 1, 2) start with A57C - 371. In saying that, I did find a 4g52 motor for sale that says it's Grade GTO GSR and it's body number is A57C - 3903332. Unsure how reliable it is since the seller does not know the year or model. (Anyone know how to read the chassis number? Contacted Mitsubishi about it but haven't heard back yet) I'm not really fussed either way but it would be good to know what I have. Edit: Added Project link. Changed for readability. Added and edited info. Changed title (we think it's actually a 73 not a 75 model. Will change back if Mitsubishi says otherwise).
  4. Hey Everyone, (Discussion Thread) This is my baby, got a lot of work to do on him. Was given the impression that he was in better condition than he is but ah well. Will update after I have stripped him down. Hopefully there won't be any more surprises (Please ignore the raised bonnet. It does close, albeit somewhat a bit tightly. Just forgot to shut it after looking at the engine) Edit: Added Discussion link. Edited title (we think it's actually a 73 not a 75 model. Will change back if Mitsubishi says otherwise).
  5. Discussion thread for - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43713-harveys-1975-mazda-b1600-restore-wengine-swap/ Basically needing help deciding what engine to chuck in it? Also not wanting to spent my right leg on the swap, although i understand replacing diff, brakes, drivetrain, trans, engine mounts etc etc AND ENGINE.. is not going to be cheap. But so far the terms "1uzfe" and "3sge Beams" have popped up.. Thoughts anyone? Cheers
  6. Hey there guys! So here's the story, starting up a farmers market business (or two) of which are a bit of a secret for now until finished! Anywho, Got this little ute to suit the style/theme im going for - Kinda oldschool, retro ish look. And it needs to be able to chug around auckland with a good amount of weight on the tray.. Maybe 600 kilos, maybe more.. As it stands right now, it has the standard engine in there with a 4 speed column shift *cough cough* which i would like to get rid of asap! So I thought i would start here with you guys. Will post pictures etc on this thread with any progress.. Discussion thread - //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/43714-harveys-1975-mazda-b1600-restore-wengine-swap-discussion/ ~ Harvey ~
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