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  1. Picked  up this little beast cheap off trademe with automatic issues. 


    Turned up to pick it up and it was a lot tidier than it appeared in the pictures. The lady i got it from is the 2nd owner with her mum having bought it new in 1982. Trailer it home and set about flushing the automatic transmission. Old fluid looked nice and burnt so new fluid and filter went it. Started her up and left her to warm up. Came back , jumped in and put her in drive and off she went with no slipping or funny sounds anymore!! Success.





    The little car went straight through her wof once I replaced the tail light and is now one of my dailies. Also tried on my Equips but they are far too wide at the front. Stick out about an inch and a half.





    Will upload more photos soon

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  2. Ive just swapped the motors over in my new ute (project thread coming)


    Its a Mitsi l200 86 with the good old 4G63. The new motor is a 4G62 as its all I could find.

    Using the dizzy off the 63 it only has spark when I stop cranking the motor with the starter and with the dizzy that came with the 62 it only sparks while the motor is being cranked. Both are electronic units.


    Im at  a loss at what could cause this apart from two broken distributors. The wiring to the coil hasn't been altered. My one doesnt have a ballast resistor installed but I dont know if it needs one?



  3. I got a set of Kingstar tyres with whitewalls for my ute. SK72 series from memory. They should have something available in 14" aswell but it is hard finding a company that will try to actually get them for you (or was for me...)

  4. I like the metallic brown aswell. Its gona stay. Swapping front ends cause I like the older look/ more chrome/ Have widen steelies for it... Pics to come


    The white car is stuffed. I got it minus motor etc. Inner guards cut out, had a big smack in the front and very neglected. Was only good for parts

  5. Well after lurking for long enough decided to start my own project thread

    Car is a Mazda 323 RWD. Came with standard 1300. Plans are to tidy it up, get it legal then maybe do some mods.


    Link to discussion. //oldschool.co.nz/index.php?/topic/42269-marshs-1984-mazda-323-wagon/


    Pictures as everyone loves pictures


    Day I got it








    Put the dizzy back in, tidied up the engine bay and got it sort of running




    And got this one for parts.





    Current plan is paint roof, get wof.

    Then tyres for my widened stealies 

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