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  1. Cletus, quick question on suspension strut tower spacers..

    Have been told that they will have to be certified to get a WOF,  bit left field but im looking at buying a kit for my Forester. They bolt to the top of the struts and space them down and the back comes with a lower control arm drop kit too. Can this sort of kit be certified and would it need to be crack tested first? Its gonna come from Subie Lift Oz if it makes it easuier. 2.5" Front and 3" Rear.



  2. 5 hours ago, kiwi808 said:

    Okay people, there are a couple of car related things happening soon.

    Laurence Car show

    Roxbourgh A&P Show And Car Show.

    Classic Car racing at Highlands

    And the big one...

    Wheels at Wanaka at Easter!


    So who’s keen to do stuff?



    What dates are they all? Have been meaning to make another trip up Central

  3. Got this back together and running ok. I couldnt get the cooling system to bleed properly or the head wasn 't done properly so I gave up on this one and sold it on.

    Its been funny watching it bounce round facebook down here. Don't expect to see it saved and back on the road again which is a shame.

    Best pic I got of the van. Black and white to make the paint look better


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  4. Been a long time since my last update and not much has changed. Took this fantastic wee beast to the nats in CHCH and had a great time. Only slight problem was cooking the brakes on the way down into Akaroa area. Finally got round to fixing them and ended up having to do the master cylinder as well.


    Only pic I have from Nationals. Stopped at Hinds to have a nosey and get passed by a house

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  5. Got the motor in my wee van back together and running again but in between having the motor in pieces and rust work done in the front, both my temperature gauge and fuel gauges have started reading up the wopps. I put in an aftermarket temperature gauge but in a classic case of information is good but you have to know what you're doing with it, it happily sits around 95-100 degrees. Is this too high for a running temp?  It runs and drives fine, doesn't seem to be leaking any water out.  I have just had the head off doing the head gasket and had the radiator redone at the same time. Curious to make sure I haven't stuffed it up

  6. With my holidays over the start of February I finally got some more done. Semi fitted radiator and headers and sent it off to get the rust fixed. Custom Panels got left with her for a few weeks and came back with a lot less holey metal in the back of the car. Tried on my newest pair of wheels. Like the look but decided I need to fit bigger tyres sometime. Its sitting quite low, found out Im going to need new back shocks to keep the springs captive.



    Front crossmember is sitting pretty close to the ground. Will have to measure properly when on level ground and get the bigger rear tyres on her.



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