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  1. Developed a vacuum leak around the base of the carb. Looks like someone used RTV or something on it. Had to remove one of the probably asbestos gaskets from the spacer plate. Can't find these things anywhere. Got rid of the oil catch can and reinstalled carburettor after small rebuild. Still has a slight vacuum leak, probably because of these cheap paper gaskets I got off eBay. Removed manifold and resurfaced exhaust side. Head is straight as. Got it all put back together and torqued up. Can't find any new old stock Toyota manifold bolts for it
  2. Have been doing a bit more work on the Hiace. Installed a 3 space battery tray and a relay switch for when I run the main battery flat. Also got some industrial roof racks. Cleaned up the sway bar and installed some new bolts with Nolathane Bushings. Cleaned up the fan and engine bay. Installed a new radiator. and some new hoses. Removed and painted the rear door. Starting to look OK.
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