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  1. Sorry for the lack of updates guys, been to busy working on other cars. Managed to get some work done over the Easter weekend. Fixed all the rust in the front windshield housings and repaired a couple little cracks in the fenders by the head light cutouts. Here's some pics.
  2. quick update from the weekend. more sanding and patched the big rust hole on the passenger sill. forgot to take pics while I was at it but here's the final result. top edge is a little rough though. can't get the bloody door hinge pins out so can't get at it very well to smooth it out. will be covered by the side skirt though so not a biggie.
  3. need some help, anyone know where I could find the rear window control switches to suit this car? ones missing and ones broken.
  4. Progress from the weekend. got the rest of the interior out, removed the air conditioning (doesn't work) got the fenders and bonnet off and started sanding away at it. also convinced the missus to let me buy a mig welder finally so once i get some metal ill start on the patches.
  5. cheers, that car looks familiar, my old man might have that magazine i think. Yeah there quite rare not to sure how many are still around need to find a way to look up how many are registered.
  6. I'm an engineer by trade so welding etc isn't a problem for me but I'll write his details down in case I get stuck with anything. cheers.
  7. Here's some photos of the rust and a few off the car interior mostly stripped out. just gotta remove the dash. I'm not to sure how to go about repairing the rust on the front windscreen area, suggestions would be appreciated =)
  8. Hey everyone I've finally managed to convince my old man to give me his commodore to restore and get back on the road where it belongs. its got a bit of rust here and there and is in need of a new paint job so far I've got most of the interior stripped out. I'll update as I go Discussion
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