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  1. went to use my mums camera today and found some old photos of my car when i first bought it and some of my old escort project.
  2. anyone in auckland know how to put in hydraulic lifters? whos keen to do some paid work on my car
  3. a couple photos in primer. air filter shown not actually one going to be used in final product.
  4. a couple crowns i got parts off in horopito wreckers. coolest place in the world!
  5. sounds mean as. ill get my mate in his valiant wags to cruise along also. always keen to see some sick wagons
  6. yeh i can guarantee you it was not me! one of the previous owners. once theres a blanket over it you wouldnt realise. im definitly keen to go to a wagon meet!
  7. thats cool as, i was just down in havelock north a couple weeks ago aswell. i live in auckland around mt eden area. those crowns are awesome. my crown would of been the same colour as that blue one originally
  8. have a few of you guys got a wagon club rolling? i was hoping to start one with a few of my mates who have some badass wagons
  9. sweet man ill have to think about that. yeh the engine that came in it was running crap so i dropped a new one in but cert still covered it which is mint. not to sure about the wheels yet white walls are just something i had lying around so put them on. once its black id like to go for a black on black kinda thing maybe still with a white wall but not to sure
  10. yeh its floor shift. thats the problem with the bench is that someone at some stage cut a bit of a square out of the bench to fit a new centre console. freaking anoying as! they patched it up but still rats as. nah not registered engine is certed in there though. once ive painted it ill get it re vinned bit of work to go before that.
  11. fair enough its hard to come across. ive only really got spare wing mirrors those vents and a couple emblems really. yeh front and back bench seats. fronts a bit rough i was just going to throw a blanket over
  12. im looking for a boot if any one has one? if not im just going to fix the one ive got up but thought just easier to get a nicer one. ive also smoothed over the vents at the back on the sides and smoothed the front wing mirrors
  13. yeh has a falcon diff, and i got a drive shaft made out of a corvette drive shaft recently. yeh it had a terrible scoop on the bonnet when i got it. took it off 5 minutes of owning it. because of the new holley im running a 14 inch air filter i just cut the hole bigger to run the filter. looks a different but i do like it
  14. this is my 1973 toyota crown station wagon MS63, im running a holden 308 5 litre V8 with a th400 trans. bought the body about a year ago down in waipukarau in hawkes bay for bugger all. car was originally blue-ish grey but i bought it painted red but now im stripping down to go black with it. unsure on wheels yet but will sort out soon enough. in the photo i had an old carter 2 barrel carb i was running but im now running a 4 barrel Holley 600 vacuum secondary carb shown in one of the pics.
  15. yeh im in auckland, but spend alot of time in hawkes bay. i do have photos but im really new to this site and dont know how to up load them. if anyone can show me ill post them up
  16. sick wagon, i also have a ms63 wagon im looking for spare parts, any chance you have any?
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