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  1. So got one side done this morning but unfortunately ran shy on resin for the other side this was 1.15pm today. Called the fibre glass place in mt Wellington to see if open yes they were till 3pm. It's now 430pm and I'm back at home with more resin and about to crack back into it. I live about 1 hour 15 from fiberglass shop. I also bought some white marine paint whilst I was there.
  2. Well and truly off mate. Will look at dates in the new year
  3. Seems like other boat has fallen through unfortunately doesn't bother me I didn't really need to spend the money. Been fixing the jet intake today. Ran it through the acid tanks and replaced the sides. Will finish the hull glass this weekend.
  4. I'd pay to see neal as a weather reporter on national TV! Especially with that disgusting moustache
  5. Spoken to most people via book of faces. Everyone seems cool to postpone until further date when weather is better. So stay tuned.
  6. So I'll be honest. It's literally rained for the last 3 days and its planning on carrying on over night and drizzle tomorrow. The paddocks definitely wet and sloppy unfortunately. Theres a few options. -Fuck it attempt it anyway. Just keen for beers and a cruise if that's all we get. -postpone to next weekend and attempt for better weather and paddock to dry out. -postpone until definitely better weather middle December closer to xmas or maybe in the new year late Feb maybe. @Ned @sheepers @Snoozin @pusherman @Threeonthetree @slacker.cam @rot808 @rotorhoe @Poo
  7. FFS long story short spoke to a fellow in know in my small town about how I was rebuilding a jet boat. He then mentioned he had one for sale lol went and looked at it and it's the style of hull I'd prefer and it's on a good trailer with a jet unit lol. So this might end up for sale after fibre glass stage cheap cheap cheap.
  8. Morning check. Am happy with what I accomplished last night. Few more afternoons like that and she'll be good as gold.
  9. Also @sentra back up plan if slightly damp or certain cars cant make the upward part is to use the road to drive from lower gate back to top gate by garage indicated in red. Then slide down and around indicated in blue.
  10. As long as the grass isnt wet youl be sweet. I've tested in a front wheel drive 323 and that can get up the slight hill without a problem. I have a tractor on hand if not lol.
  11. note to self, fibre glassing is a cunt of a job.
  12. Cut a few glass pieces out after work today. Will attempt to resin them on next few days then will glass the sides also.
  13. Weather certainly isn't looking good for this event so far so stay posted as to whether it will be postponed to another date. Fingers crossed things slightly change in the sky for the week
  14. Got it into primer today ready for fibre glass sheet to be done next few nights hopefully.
  15. Current slide track is this. But open for interpretations on the day. Would participants prefer a open track all day go hard no actual planned route etc. Or want to have a few timed laps see who's fastest? Or maybe throw a few other games in aswell similar to Nelson marahau nats few different obstacle courses?
  16. Also about a month or so ago I spent the time welding up a set of custom roof racks for the tray so I could attach my newly acquired roof rack tent for summer. Once I get the boat finished should be quite the rig!
  17. Have never been happy with the bonnet on the truck someone did some shithouse rust repairs prior to me owning it and along the front lip it always had too big of a gap through the centre and the colour wasnt right for me. Spent the weekend prepping and painting rust free California import one.
  18. Tell your mate to have a birthday next year the selfish prick! I have a few local mates with old cars keen as mustard for the day.
  19. As a good host I thought this afternoon id better get out there and test the grass was sufficient enough for sliding. Had good root structure for such punishment. Testing results were positive.
  20. Dont be like that shakotom!! Come up for the day Saturday and be really busy on the Sunday. Well then you should be here by 3pm and your wagon is fine to do skids on my paddock bro not a prob.
  21. @Shakotom I'm happy for scoot grass skids also. Must be roudy two strokes tho
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