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  1. Cut hole for air inlet. Looks cool too. Going to be really noisy when I add some gilmer belts later on
  2. Situation with wheels sorted. Ran them in the milling machine this morning to slot them out 1.5 mm then whipped up some press fit centering rings.
  3. Did get the wiring working today tho which was good took a couple hours messing around since someone had it wired up funny. Other then that I got this stainless grate that I'd like to sink into the engine hood to get some air flow. Should I put it on the front or on the top?
  4. So had a slight set back today. New studs and nuts showed up for the cheviot hustlers and that's when I realised the stud pattern isnt correct for the hub... I'm guessing the rim must be 5x110? Hub 5x114 falcon.
  5. Got motor running yesterday. Took a bit of mucking around with wiring to get it to pop since the coil was dead and a few other issues. But she runs which is great news! Video on my Instagram
  6. Had to call for back up today. @sentra smashed out the header tank which was a proper cunt of a job! And @retep130 made a mess of my wiring and complained of his Wu Tang hangover. Was a solid day
  7. Two steps forward three back today lol. Made a few fuck ups but did get a few other things completed and bought a whole pile of parts I needed. Exhausts back in, rear of hull primed
  8. Another good night in the shed. Have now fully realised the level of work left to do in the 2 week window I've allowed myself to get it done in is very tight. Found a stainless but unusual shaped header tank at work that I'll try adapt to work. And have come up with a plan with the heat exchanger. Such a pain the closest shops with necessary adapters and pieces is a decent drive away.
  9. A set of hustlers should be ok with a ton sitting on them right? @cletus
  10. The fun of putting it all back in! Going to be some late nights this week in the shed.
  11. Work my work fishing trip yesterday so the head wasnt feeling quite right this morning so not a lot got done just got the trailer back together with new bearings and all new bolts and bushes. Also received the stickers from @Archetype today. So dope! Cant wait to flip it and put them on
  12. I'm miles away from guru haha. I did just get a new job with a company and hope to soon to reach enlightenment
  13. Test fit the intake grill pretty happh with it. I'd like to send it off for galv but might leave that until next year. Was hoping to throw top coat on tonight but it needed a second primer coat die to pin holes all over would of looked shit on final paint.
  14. I've been around fibre glass before you just dont scratch yourself after you have used it and run cold water over open skin areas afterwards never had a problem.
  15. Second side into primer. Will attempt a sand and top coat tonight weather dependent on if I can push my cars out of garage or not.
  16. Bought a heat exchanger off jet boat forum tonight hopefully see it before the weeks out. Would like to finish painting before weekend and I'll try get my mate with his boom lifter truck to come flip it in the driveway.
  17. Cracked into the sanding this afternoon got half the hull done then slapped a thick coat of epoxy primer over. The finish isnt perfect but I'm really not fussy since I'll be relatively rough with the boat once its running.
  18. It was. Mate who owns it lost interest in the project
  19. Being that it was quite cold last night the resin qasnt fully hard this morning was clogging the sanding disks I decided to crack onto the trailer and give it a birthday. Axle out will re bearing this week Heavy wire wheel on the grinder and a lock of paint. Looks reasonable for a warrent still yet to fix the wiring.
  20. I mainly wanted to glass over the bog to keep it from cracking when taking on off the trailer. Being steel hull bog cracks let's water in starts rust. I'd like to be able to use this boat through salt water ways so no water under bog would be good
  21. Actually I really hate it! I also now hate fibre glassing also.
  22. @doozi I cant remember his actual handle name lol and @Truenotch sent me the renderings for the stickers on Friday. Stoked
  23. Nah mainly lake use for this boat. I live in lower northland there ain't no rocky rivers within couple hundred miles of me.
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