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  1. Linkage kit installed I need to shorten the balancing tab between carbs to fit the front one on. I need to grind down the boss on the second runner so the carbs can slide back, would also like to shave 5mm off both surfaces of manifold to gain 10mm clearance from carbs to van body (currently both flanges are 13mm thick each and overall manifold 54mm thick.
  2. Had a win on the illusive 4age engine to gearbox braces last night on yahoo. I'm still torn about what to do with exhaust manifold, i have spoke to someone about shortening the headers and it looks like the pipes are too close to each other to fully weld. A factory ae86 cast manifold is going to cost me about $400 from Japan Or fujistsubo do a few options like this 4-2-1 stainless which I could trim or remake the lower section Or this 4-1 also fgk stainless which looks like it joins higher up from the secondary pipe they show in photos. Both of the fgk are around $¥75,000 so not cheap but probably a bit cheaper than having a set made plus the logistics and time of transporting vehicle
  3. Did a trial fit of a 7.5 a type which has the same wheel bolt face to outer lip dimension as the wider pair
  4. I'm happy to wear the costs as I would have had to buy another whole wheel with centrecap from YAJ to get one to copy so it's a small price to pay. 3d printing was twice the price of cnc machining believe it or not.
  5. Test fits are definitely welcome, would look awesome on your red machine
  6. I did not complete the two week challenge but I'm still chipping away. Aidan at Pine Engineering sent me these photos of the br-x completed last night @BobbyBreeze was kind enough to lend me a centre cap to replicate also which are just off being anodized I have a new set of Yokohama A539 in 175/60 and 185/60 at home ready to go also
  7. Popped into the infamous Kaikoura kart track on my way back up 4.1 definitely has given her a bit more pep. Interested to see if the fuel mileage differs much when I fill up tomorrow (didn't want excess weight getting onto ferry)
  8. Grabbed a flight to Christchurch Thursday night to get a few bits sorted. Delray auto swapped the 4.1 in after my friend checked it over for backlash etc (within factory specs) and put in the rock auto lower control arms with ball joints already pressed in. Fitted up my new Hardtop style monsoons from an early low spec sedan (Private model) met up with some of the boys for a pretty special gx61 lineup at chrome expression session As always Christchurch old car scene never fails to provide with a few night time cruises and good yarns
  9. Finally settled on a linkage kit that I liked from med-engineering.co.uk with a bit of luck I can retain the factory throttle cable. Reasonably priced at $216 delivered and comes with the balancing lever to join second carburetor. The Carter Fuel Pump has just shown up from Rock auto which has come with these handy instructions on installing Is the check valve linking pull hose to push hose acting as a recirculating return when the bowls are full? Another peice of advice I'm seeking is a recommendation for the driveshaft shortening in Auckland as 'Drive In' in New Lynn have said their driveshaft guy is off for 8-12 weeks with a hip replacement
  10. Test fit carburetors Again just fouling on seat but thinner engine mount will remedy. Rear two trumpets are basically touching the sheet metal diving battery area and engine bay, wondering if I could use a die to pull two 60mm holes through with a dimple die leaving a lip for rigidity in the panel? Picked up a starter motor yesterday and installed, just noticed the headers are basically touching the solenoid, is this usual?
  11. Found these vovlo kelpro ones listed on their catalog with a price of $172.99 each via supercheap It looks like they are too thick for my application and probably more cost effective to just make more engine mounts to utilize a normal rubber
  12. This ae92 4agze fwd manifold listed on trademe looks like the flange points to the sump too much and also to engine mount
  13. They hang very low oem cast manifolds are a pain to find but look more suitable unless I shorten these
  14. Picked up some coby looking headers after watching @kprlatest video
  15. Are driveshaft hoops required for my van engine swap? Not sure If it's considered front engine as it's under my ass. Driveshaft is 700mm long and no rear seats factory in van
  16. Another hour fiddling this afternoon. Dropped the stone shield and the motor dropped down. Test fit drivers half bonnet and it's still fouling. Might try @BlownCoronasuggestion of offset and maybe thinner engine mount to get it. 20mm drop would be perfect. Carbs look like they will go also, might relocate the coil to passenger (maybe not since exhaust?) If I can sort the drivers half of bonnet passengers side will definitely work as its raised again
  17. Fire in the hole four bolts half wound in from bellhousing side and rest onto mounts. you can just see in photo sump is fouling on the removable stone guard which is holding engine up. Test fit of drivers half of bonnet shows its fouling by hopefully the same amount it needs to drop down. the untrained eye says the carbs will fit. fingers crossed
  18. Easy does it lots of lifting van, repositioning scissor jack holding gearbag and again with axle stand for missing wheel. Rest on seat frame to reposition again
  19. Left over toyota SST from my 1gge fiddling for holding crank while I torque pulley
  20. Clutch showed up today. Previously I posted the 4agze 225mm flywheel but I opted for the smaller 200mm as all the clutches were so expensive for the 225mm I used a wet piece of limited edition Freyas sourdough to remove the old crank bearing. The ae86 disc didn't fit as the spline was too small but I checked the original 5k disc and it was a next to new exedy also so a quick swap over which I then saw I could have just used the whole van pressure plate also. Oh well.
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