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  1. We have start up Not without a couple of issues. First of all was fuel leak which was a banjo for cold start injector I hadn't tightened properly. I also left the supercharger/aircon idler pulley nut loose after tensioning belt and it came loose and met with the fan (lucky I have more in the garage which I nearly binned) Somehow alternator belt has massive slack after I definitely tightened it, have done it back up and locked everything off and seems ok. Need to install the braces from blower to block before first driver especially as one of th
  2. A week ago I sold some 19" 3p weds lips to a fella who runs a 3d modeling and printing business. I mentioned I was after some fender mirror gaskets for my gx61 as one had blown apart (common fault) I sent my good one up to him and he scanned it and flipped it and printed of this new pair for me in an ABS like resin. Pretty happy with the finish being smooth on all the seen surfaces and I'll just need to fine sand the dimples off the bottom
  3. F-con plugged in and ready to go. Just needed to run the map sensor plug and boost gauge hose through the firewall grommet. There is a nice amount of length on the f-con harness to tuck it somewhere else as there is no space by the toyota ecu with the glove box sleeve in
  4. 46mm hks boost gauge fitted in place of the cigarette lighter
  5. Pretty stoked with how that's come up I could see vapour blasting becoming quite addictive if rebuilding an old engine, the finish is like new. Spent yesterday making up new gaskets to go between both adapters and swapping over the iscv and cold start injector and vacuum ports
  6. Here are the difference in throttle bodies For reference a 1jzgte throttle I have is also 59mm
  7. F-con arrived after what felt like a long wait. Browsing on yahoo I found I could purchase a harness which meant I could run my current gen 2 loom and ecu instead of having to change to the gen 1 afm setup. @oftensideways knocked up these adapters so I could run my gen 2 throttle body on the supercharger kit so I didn't need to try boogie up the tps to work on the gen 1 throttle. I also didn't have the correct throttle cable bracket for gen 1 throttle Super happy with the work and a very quick turnaround. This has worked out really well as the othe
  8. Flywheel was cleaned up and resurfaced. Went with the bigger 4agze 230mm flywheel, just need to track down a clutch to work with the g52 box. Shopping list to get this done: -Hyperpak spark module -exhaust manifold of sorts (potentially coby) -clutch kit, fork, slave, hardline -setup linkage for carbs -flywheel bolts -viscous or electric fan -hope that engine mounts work
  9. 4age - w55/g52 bellhousing popped up for cheap on marketplace that I've secured. Need to figure out which flywheel ( I have a gze one and a NA one) to use and sort a clutch The 13s are currently at Pine Engineering getting some much needed love.
  10. I see my van came out with 3 and 4 pack leafs, may grab a 4 pack from a van that's at pickapart currently. Other question I have is related to this bar that goes between the B pillars behind seats, some vans have it some don't. I would like to remove it. I assume it's purely there for the hinging of the passenger and middle seat combo as the bucket seat models don't have it?
  11. I had my leaf springs reset by A.Auckland leaf spring repairs however I've noticed when in van and back on ground they become inverted. Is this an issue? Do the same 40mm droop rules apply to a van that often has 250kg extra in the rear also?
  12. Have had a bit of a breakthrough with the supercharger kit this week. After I posted the above on Instagram with a 1ggte hash tag I went on a bit of a search and found and old post of someone with the same kit. I sent the fella a message asking if it was complete and if he had had it running. Kyle then told me he had purchased the kit 20 years ago but it was missing the actual supercharger, if I needed part or all of his kit to throw him an offer. He has the correct f-con and is sending it my way Toyota Plug 3 ROM number D137 This screen shot it from a 1993 onwards
  13. Adding to the catalogue in my garage I've found this pretty epic twin charge build in an old carboy magazine
  14. Thread is just turning into assorted magazine articles at this point... My kit is posted on the bottom right and is showing it originally came with an intercooler. The thing is the supercharger is directly bolted to intake manifold which is directly bolted to the engine so how??? I also purchased a unidentified hks F-con Pfc from yahoo just to see what exactly they are
  15. turquoise in place of the red in the centres is on the cards for sure
  16. I usually go through quite a few wheels before settling on something but these will be something I will keep and a bit of a long term project to eventually end up on the van. 13x6j 1983 Yokohama B.R.X (Boy Racer eXciting) BR-1 As you can see the condition is pretty poor with some really bad pitting on the centres. Pine engineering will be on refurb duties along with potentially widening the pair with dinged front lips. A bit torn as the 14s look the right size and are practical and don't need a huge sidewall for ground clearance so it's likely they will remain for daily duties with
  17. All of the spares have been sold already sorry
  18. Which townace model do you have? Admittedly it is all theory untill I actually pull the 5k and try fit it but I have seen photos of them fitted. The hardest part at the moment is biting the bullet on the $850 niteparts bellhousing to mate the g52 to the 4age
  19. I use this van every day for my small residential building company so when I saw this plate pop up I felt it fitted perfectly. We carry everything you need to build a house in this box and somehow it all fits like some weird game of tetris at the end of each day
  20. I picked up a set of Impul Pro mesh in 14x6.5 which had the centres blasted and painted and new stainless fasteners with some 185/60/14s fitted. Auckland leaf spring repairs reset the rear springs for a 3" drop and front torsions re-indexed to suit
  21. Since I had all of my money set aside for an engine and some returned I decided to use that for upgrades. I located a pair of unused weber dcoe40, a twin carb manifold, a Sq engineering rear water outlet (heater core in van isn't currently connected so wanted the option to block off untill I source another) and an alternator relocation bracket which puts it on same side as the 5k to utilize the factory wiring
  22. 3050rpm is not very much for a little 5k on the motorway but it's future proofing for smaller tyres and an engine swap with a bit more torque. I found a package on trademe for a 16V bigport 4age that came with some extras (a van load) I could sell off to get some of my funds back The more I looked through everything once it was home the better it got, the t50 saw me 80% reimbursed within and hour of listing. Then there was 4agze coil packs and CAS, two spare heads, two spare blocks, multiple looms and ecu. Best of all it has also been predominantly rwd converted already for u
  23. Changing from the L40 to g52 will also require hydraulic clutch conversion, shorter driveshaft and a different gearbox crossmember which I've been lucky enough to peice together from a ym36 and cm36 at pickapart. it also requires a lot/all of the dash out to change the brake reservoir to the one pictured with extra provision for the clutch master cylinder
  24. First on the job list was to make it be able to sit on 100 km/h without boiling over so I located a 3.9 ratio E series replacement. From research only the high spec diesel and diesel turbo and the ym30/40g come with a tachometer in the dash (ive yet to see one in nz) so I've had to use an online calculator on blocklayer.com to see what's going on. At 100km/h with the 165/80/13 and 4.6 ratio it was doing 4100rpm... Changing to 3.9 sees it reduced to 3470rpm. I've also acquired a rebuilt g52 column shift 5 speed which will drop it down to 3050rpm
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