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  1. I will post this question here and also in @yoeddynz K11 thread in the General section in case someone has some previous experience of fixing without setting it alight. I bought the car knowing the one stud in the catalytic converter had been snapped and that the rear section of the exhaust was missing, PLUS the nuts at that junction had been attacked by an angry badger. I suspect the flanges etc all all original so not too much finger pointing at this point. So this is what I have right now. Access to the catalyst is nigh on impossible for large hands and small tools. And after 130k miles or 200k km it has possibly all fused together . My thoughts are to grind off what is left of the studs flat n flush, then centre punch and hopefully get a drill in there with a TiN drillbit and drill put, then tap a new thread in, and replace the two bolts. And you cannot go through as the bolts are in the casting of the catalyst body. I hope that makes sense. Any advice welcome, of course drinking a beer is good advice too. The other end of the downpipe looks like this where it is meant to have the two flanges meet. And my face AFTER I realised what a hole I had dug for myself. Still, who knows……. It could be easier than the pain I am anticipating. Prove me right/wrong. Thanks.
  2. So after yesterday’s final fiddling and finding the relay needs replacing or repairs, currently bodged to work by closing the switch manually with a stick, we had the engine fire up. There are a few more jobs to do, including finding a replacement clutch master cylinder, blower unit fix, upholstering the dash, fitting instruments, switches, inside panels, setting the handbrake to full capacity, dry run testing on the farm, draining all coolant and replacing with anti-freeze based coolant, then possibly final nuts and bolts check, followed by a prayer and MOT. START UP VIDEO: https://youtu.be/26uEIRMZdrk And yes, I certainly am pleased. Thanks to all who had a hand take the time to post comments, advice, and chat.
  3. Gotcha. Aaahhh yes, 1979 Datsun 140Y SDX A tape player hidden in the glovebox two speakers on the rear shelf in home built boxes so I did not have to cut it and a cherry bomb exhaust to my dads disdain. The next was a 1982 Ford Cortina pickup truck, that got loads more attention, including a two tone bodyshop respray. Good Times for sure.
  4. Few small tweaks today. I actually drilled and tapped another earth…… After more digging around we found that the fuel pump relay was not working correctly, so John bridged it and it fired right up. More testing after opening it up showed it could be closed and be made to work. So a brilliant bodge installed, closing the switch permananetly. I need to get a working MX5 relay like this to replace the fitted one. So then 20 litres of fuel into the tank, and a small prayer we turned the key. And after all the ups n downs, it fired up, lumpy at first then settled into a idle. Revving it up reminds me of an Alfa Giulia when I was growing up. Once over the jubilation, trying to get the heater/blower fan going was a major fail………. To be revisited another day. Next job was to bleed the clutch master cylinder. Lots of murky brown fluid. Failed to get it sorted as well. So I took the MC off and inspected it. Looks like a replacement may be due or recommended. I am guessing it is an original Ford part though. I also worked on or under the Microbe. I broke the second stud in the catalytic converters body, seller broke first one, and managed to extricate the down pipe, which needs a lot of attention as well.
  5. Thanks to @westbay for poking his fingers in my wallet like @pauly does…… I now have some of these badges headed my way. I actually debadged the car as well. Certainly apt for this build.
  6. And tonight we have had our paint buffed, inside cleaned, vacuumed, polished plastics, hubcaps returned. So, can you say Subaru? Tomorrow it is back to the Rezin Rockit build. And hopefully getting it to run.
  7. Bought some cheap wheels yesterday. They need a lot of work, and will end with copper spokes and a beige rim.
  8. Hey Warren, Good to see you here. You will notice that I am not posting this anywhere else yet. Just using bits n bobs to feed the other threads. But for now this car does not exist.
  9. Hubcaps came out, well…. Gold. I will go fit them later to see how shit it makes the car look. I also may just have found a set of manky alloys with legal tyres to buy cheaply. And wet vacuumed the seats, they are much better, though to the untrained eye, they will still look like a CSI crime scene.
  10. Sally and….. Sally Doing the full marathon Moon Walk for cancer. Take your pick and choose a shovel.
  11. Firstly, I am trying to just post on here as I need to learn from all of you guys. @yoeddynz sent me this way. Good evening from Rochester Kent UK. Name is Rian but known on forums as Grizz. My “home forum” is Retrorides but I contribute to American and South African forums too. Just bought a 130k Facelift 2 1.0 Micra Activ. Needs exhaust, welding and tarting up. Delivery tomorrow around 1.00pm. I hope. It is meant to be a side project alongy next build, a 1966 Chevy C10 that has been waiting 7 years post divorce etc. Currently trying to finish this build known as the Rezin Rockit old 1992 Ford based fiberglass Jeep kitcar now with MX5 1600 transplant Note the spelling is correct for the car. Build thread https://forum.retro-rides.org/thread/215488/grizz-purgatory-rezin-rockit-handbrake I also have a 2001 Chevy S10 4.3liter V6 Hoping to learn some dtuff from ypu guys and tips and shortcuts. plans for the Micra is UK MOT and then some serious cleanong, lowering, wheels and a few small things. I will start a dedicated thread for this, but thought I would post this “saved from the crusher” intro here too. But if too much Mods, please delete or move. Well, it was delivered at 11.19 this morning. Over an hour early. Suited me, as I needed to go to town (7 miles from here, I live rurally) to sort some mobile phone data out anc collect dollars for my upcoming road trip to the USA. Got home at 3.315 and by 4.00 a mate had been, sniffed around and offered to come buff the paint on Saturday….. By 4.00 I had the plastic hubcaps off, washing every crevice with a brush and petrol first, followed by Swarfega on the wheels and hubcaps. The rest of the car got systematically washed and cleaned. Dirty vs Clean paint. Done by 7.00pm Sally my lady friend brought over her VAX wet vacuum cleaner to use in the morning to do allthe upholstery, mats, door panels, which got the car it’s name “Scruffy the Nissan Microbe” First assessment, I like it a load. Painted the very scared hubcaps Gold tonight……… yup, why not.
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