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  1. Okay ! Thanks for the help
  2. Hey yoeddynz Good to know other passionnate owners ! Which version do you have ? With a petrol engine or a diesel one ? If you got the diesel one I have the entire manual about the 2L engine. In case your engine is the petrol one, it should be the 4Y that I previously owned in OZ. I don’t know if I still have this engine manual somewhere but it might not be difficult to find. As the bodies are quite the same I can also share my upgrades. And sorry if I make some mistakes as an English speaking frog
  3. That could maybe helps a bit as the logics are the same. Can you give me a link ? And if anyone knows about the original documents of this van, I will still be super happy to know it
  4. Hi everybody Im Stéphane, from France, happy owner of hiace 1987 4WD lh66. Very rare véhicule here but I know it’s more popular in NZ or OZ as I remember when I was there ;) At the moment I’m working on some upgrades in the van but I need to find the entire wiring diagram to organise my electrical modifications in better way. But... impossible to find it here and even on internet I spent an entire day trying to find it but without any success. May I ask you if you could help me if you have these diagrams somewhere ? Many thanks Stephane And this is my beast ;)