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  1. Hi All Ive dipped into here once or twice... summary of activity so far: Bought a white triumph toledo Taumaranui foudn that it was very rusty. Came a cross a virtually rust free Toledo body at Horopito which I bought. Stripped all the good bits out of the white Toledo and am gradually putting them into the green Toledo. Green Toledo is in a good shape which is amazing for these cars as they rust like crazy! Slowly sort of half restoring half reassembling the car. Up to the sage where I am about to put the engine/gearbox into the Toledo from the donor car - all going quite well just not enough hours in the week! Later in the year Im planning on painting the car and removing whatever small bits of rust that it has.. Quotes to do this work are astronomical so may well end up doing the painting bit myself - anyone have any contacts who might be able to help me in this area - not looking for a concours job just good enough to get through certification. couple of photos
  2. AlastairC

    Gozza's '68 Mk1 Trumpet

    Hi there great to see the work you've done on your mk1 - better than new I reckon. I've had a mk1 and now have a stag and a Toledo. Stag is a runner but needs tidying but I'm working on the Toledo at the moment which I'm about to reshell once I've got it stripped. How did you go about stripping your suspension parts ? Andwhatpaint did you paint them with? looking forward to hearing more on your mk1, will really fly once you get the Eli sorted.