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  1. Hi All I haven't been on here for ages. Im in ngaio and have a 1975 triumph stag which is up and running and a Toledo which I have just about finished restoring - fiddling around with carbs etc at the present next step is to get it certified and registered. From there I'm not sure what its future holds - I've yet to actually drive it! But it will depend on its performance. I think it has a fair bit of potential tuning wise. The stag is the long term keeper though and it is starting to get a bit tatty so i should really spend some time on that. Im also on the look out for a spitfire project - the later version of (spitfire 1500) Are there any of those about? cheers Alastair Cox
  2. Hi All Long time since Ive put anything on here. Ive got the Toledo to the point where it would probably run if I turned the key! I’ve got the engine/ignition all wired up and apart from putting the carb linkage on the wrong way round and breaking the throttle cable engine wise it is pretty much ready to go. Body wise there is still a lot to be done. One of the only rusty bits in the car was the boot floor so I have taken that out and am waiting for a new boot floor to come from the UK. Im probably going to have to weld it in myself given how expensive panel beating is – I have welded before so hopefully it shouldn’t be too difficult however if any one knows someone who could do a bit of mug welding form me in Wellington I would be very appreciative. After having assumed I would have to start from scratch with the car registration I have found one of the number plates and I see it is still on Carjam so that sounds hopeful. The cars going off to have an exhaust pipe made for it sometime soon. I need to be able to start it and move it around so I may get the people doing the work to give it a bit of a go over and get it running while they have the car. Then I can move it out of the garage and work on it outside. Eventually Im going to have to paint it – something else that I may end up doing myself…..The days of getting someone to do give a cheap once over seem to have gone, some panel people are happy to work on it but they won’t say how much it will cost to do – and I don’t want to spend a heap on a car that isn’t really worth much. In term of getting it back it back on the road I’m keeping it pretty standard for now however Im keen to find some minilite wheels if anyone has any tucked away. Once its up and running I’ll develop a bit hopefully.
  3. Hi All Ive dipped into here once or twice... summary of activity so far: Bought a white triumph toledo Taumaranui foudn that it was very rusty. Came a cross a virtually rust free Toledo body at Horopito which I bought. Stripped all the good bits out of the white Toledo and am gradually putting them into the green Toledo. Green Toledo is in a good shape which is amazing for these cars as they rust like crazy! Slowly sort of half restoring half reassembling the car. Up to the sage where I am about to put the engine/gearbox into the Toledo from the donor car - all going quite well just not enough hours in the week! Later in the year Im planning on painting the car and removing whatever small bits of rust that it has.. Quotes to do this work are astronomical so may well end up doing the painting bit myself - anyone have any contacts who might be able to help me in this area - not looking for a concours job just good enough to get through certification. couple of photos
  4. Hi there great to see the work you've done on your mk1 - better than new I reckon. I've had a mk1 and now have a stag and a Toledo. Stag is a runner but needs tidying but I'm working on the Toledo at the moment which I'm about to reshell once I've got it stripped. How did you go about stripping your suspension parts ? Andwhatpaint did you paint them with? looking forward to hearing more on your mk1, will really fly once you get the Eli sorted.
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