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  1. Damn, Spring is here and suddenly this page is back in action! Stoked! Seen as I am lazy could i please get a run down on events!? I am keen, seen as i live about 15mins from Coronet Peak, to do a meet up and run up the Coronet road for a slide, beer and hang out! If anyone wants to snowboard, ski that doesn't have a pass i can sort out 50% off passes. I just need to know in advance so i can get them sorted for ya. You're welcome!
  2. Yes, maybe it was yesterday.... sorry, brain malfunction! Is it all road worthy for the summer?
  3. Saw you cursing in the new whip down Frankton Road @Nick Ritchie earlier today. Love it!
  4. Yeah, Didnt go. Was just a passing thought. A few people from up went down and said it was pretty fun and no drama. Maybe next time.
  5. Anyone down south about for this...? was thinking about heading down.
  6. I’ve got to turn on notifications for this. Been mental busy lately and just forgot all about the cruise!!! Ended up over in Wanaka night before so went to Cars over Coffee breakfast thing out at the airport. Looks not as fun as the cruise ended up for you guys! Next time. Planning to check out Arrowtown garage car show this Saturday around 11 if anyone is about come along
  7. I reckon that sounds like a bit of a good old mission so I’m in... although I had starting planning an off season routeburn mission that weekend. If that goes ahead I’m out, if not I’m in. I’ll probably bring the justy for a good thrashing around Southland
  8. Sounds like some serious road trip planning has been happening! Awesome!
  9. I see there is another track laps breakfast at highlands this sunday... not sure about the weather... anyone thinking of going?
  10. Im happy for any sort of roads but it will determine which car i bring. The caitlins would be cool for a mission or overnighter!
  11. Awesome. I am keen for a cruise, catch up, beers and/or coffees. Not sure ill make any otago rally stuff this weekend. Caitlins?
  12. Hey Team. Ive been a bit off the grid the last 7-8 weeks. Thought id made a post from my phone in northland but i guess it didnt posts! I am back in the depths of central otago though now! Was away in Canada and the states for four weeks and then the last four weeks in northland and a quick mission down the country. The goods news is the weather is still mint up there and the Trusty Justy made a trip from Queenstown all the way to Auckland to meet me and do a mad mission around northland. Keen to get the Mazda out of the garage but need an excuse. Whats happening over the next few weeks?
  13. Not sure what the go will be now this weekend for Invers... Might look at a day trip down if i can lure some other like minded idiots from around Queenstown to chip in and make the boring drive down more entertaining. Its that or set up and watch the snowboarding for the winter olympics and give the mazda a clean up. Took her a nice camping road trip over the long weekend!
  14. Yup. @Nick Ritchie pretty much nailed it. It’s on very two years as well now... Thinking a day trip could be good if a few are keen to share costs. Definitely want to go down for invers for Munro weekend or day trip day down the following weekend as well. Lots on and a little low on funds as well but.... whatever. Got take advantage of the events on close by!
  15. "I Love it when a plan comes together..." Anyone going to or want to go to or wanna meet up at "Farm Jam" weekend after next? Saturday 3rd Feb. Keen to go watch crazy people send it on their motos!!! ...A team throw back from Cromwell Car Show
  16. yup! gazebo set up was awesome. good chilled day out to catch up over a few bevies and check out some rides!!! Looking forward to Burt Munro weekend now.
  17. Im planning to be there but i just got home from a lovely friday evening in the hospital after a wee crash up in the bike park. haven't done anything like that in a while and nothing like good slam to make you feel alive. Im gonna wake up sorer than i already am no matter what, so if im too sore to move (even after smashing some codeine) im unfortunately not going to make it. The Mazda was loaded with chair and umbrella (for the sun) and gazebo was still an option... Will hopefully see you fullas in the am but no guarantees...
  18. Some of Victoria Bitters finest might get hidden in the car
  19. Healthy fruit options could a goer. Definitely get amongst the QT crew. Pretty sure we can all be friends.... most of the time! Think ill try fit the Gazebo in to make a nice spot out of that central otago sun to hang out! Will flick you a message as we leave QT.
  20. 9am by the sounds of the link. Might meet up with them there and cruise over with whoever is going. Think they'll be a couple at least. See you inside. Im wondering what the BYO policy is? Tempted to pack a few cold ones and sandwiches along with the chair!... could bring the gazebo too!? Things are just getting out of hand now!
  21. Gonna go ride my bike this evening. Definitely coming over tomorrow morning. For everyone going wanna meet up somewhere in the depths of Crompton before hand or just at event? I think there is a few QCC meeting at lake hayes pavilion and cruising over sometime in the morning. Gonna pack the camping chair and set up a spot next to car once inside to hang out. We can call it 'old school headquarters' set up for the day. So hopefully we can park all together, if entering car in... We need some signage to get a few more peps involved! haha