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  1. Haven’t been doing much due to Covid and focusing on getting the 2 door painted. Have managed to get 2 NOS rear quarters and back panel so that’s all the panels sorted to do from the firewall back. I’ll probably get a new front valance and slam panel from Steel Panels UK. I have a couple of good front guards that need a couple of small rust repairs on the bottom edges. It’s getting really tough bringing in parts from the UK as shipping has gone through the roof unfortunately 

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  2. Just been sorting the dash today. Got the plastic instrument binnacle fitting mint so now to cut out the surplus metal off the std dash to get all the instruments fitting. I’ll take out the original dash frame in the car and swap it over with this. Pretty easy job to swap as just drill out the spot welds and fit this and the plug weld. About a 3 hour job all up.





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  3. Hi guys

    I want to buy a welder to have a crack at the panel work on my Mk 1 Cortina rat build. What’s the best for this and any brands I should avoid. I prefer to buy quality that will last. Thanks in advance 

  4. Bits finally turned up for the engine bay. Been flat out so hopefully get it onto the dolly this weekend and off to the blasters. Dropped some of the dash instruments to Robinson’s to get checked over and have sorted the wiring loom out. I’ll trial fit the loom before I wrap it in tape so it’s not a biggie to make any changes. I have used 3 looms to make 1 to suit the dash and engine. 


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  5. Made up a dolly out of some Unistrut I had and found 4 decent sized castors as well. 2 have brakes and the other 2 have swivel lock pins. Probably a bit overboard however the wheel track width is the same as the car so no problems getting on and off the trailer. Rip the suspension out this week and get it on the dolly and over to the blaster next week.


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  6. Hi all I have a Mk 1 GT Cortina I bought years ago and the rego was dead then. I still have the ownership papers and the body tags but no number plates. The ownership papers are not in my name as I bought it for parts with no intention of getting it on the road again. Will I be able to reregister it with a new VIN number and new plates or is it a dead duck

  7. Update.. so being stuck at home has got me thinking so the 4 door I bought to chop up to fix the GT, I have decided to build a rat replica GT in order to shake down the running gear that’s going into the 2 Door GT. Plan is to blast the underside, inside, inside the boot and engine bay and paint ermine white and leave the exterior it is apart from maybe a seal coat. Dash and doors inside will be done in satin black. 

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  8. 2 hours ago, Nominal said:

    I think you will struggle to get it registered here without proper paperwork:

    Proof of ownership
    You need to provide evidence that you're the legal owner of the vehicle. This can include:

    the original documents showing the ownership history to the last registered owner in Australia (eg deregistration or change of ownership papers) and
    an invoice, bill of sale or receipt, etc.



    Yep that’s what I was thinking or alternatively go the scratch built route 

  9. It’s been over a year since I have done anything with this and it’s still the same lol. 2 Door GT is off to paint shortly so this is next in the queue. Trying to decide what engine to use in it. I have a 140BHP Precrossflow with all the good gear and a Lotus Twincam which I really want to put into something. Lotus engine is a bit more work as battery goes in the boot etc.Body and interior will be all original Ermine White with Black Trim. 

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