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  1. Balls...3hrs of my life I'll never get back.
  2. My certifier said yes; so I had to make some up, as they weren't available in the sizes I needed. My friend has an HK Monaro and his rear axle has nowhere to put locating rings on the hubs (hilux diff conversion), so his certifier said he didn't need them.
  3. For some weird reason the lower two bolts holding the steering box had crush tubes, but the top bolt didn't? This was pinching the chassis rail inwards...not cool!!! So I turned up a crush tube on the lathe, gave it a nice 45° chamfered edge to take a weld and solved that problem. So, my to do list from the certifier is getting smaller by the day. A couple loose ends to tidy up here and there...but pretty much done.
  4. The steering stops had previously been cut a lot shorter by someone else to allow for a better turning radius (weirdly impalas aren't renowned for their nimbleness...go figure?). However, my wheels were hitting the inner guards long before the stops where anywhere near touching - in fact the steering arms were about 15mm short of the stops! So a bit of creative thinking to turn this situation around and turn it into a positive... by using a bolt inserted into the stop, I now have adjustable steering stops...yay!!! If only every problem could be solved for 50 cents like this one... I'll chuck some more weld in there later to tidy it up (more a vanity thing) to create a captive nut that wont turn, its mechanically locked as is... so it's not going anywhere. The other nut is free to turn and will be locked up (basically a double nut) when I find my maximum turning arc without rubbing the tyres.
  5. Yeah, camera is distorting things in that photo.
  6. Seat belt mounts made. Got them all fitting well, with under seal scraped off and repainted as per instructions.
  7. All I can say is thanks Mike! Huge day on the car...legend!
  8. Yeah, normally my go to. But for small orders postage gets out of hand.
  9. A bit of an optical illusion, the knurl is slightly larger on the new item. I read online that they manufacture them this way on purpose. I didn't have to drill out my holes, as I managed to buy the correct 7/16x20 studs, with the correct knurl size. So it was a straight forward like for like swap. Mag goes straight on, no pcd issues.
  10. Fyi, for anyone in similar situation: Finding extended 7/16x20 with a GM sized knurl for the front is a struggle in nz. Ordering from USA works out about $60...but looooong delivery times. Or extortionate postage if you want them fast. Nice, or ARP etc from most places are about $17 each stud for a set. So $340! Conversion to metric was an option, just need to drill out the hubs a fraction, but would be easy to do. $90 for 20 studs, plus new metric nuts to suit another $40, was seriously considering doing this. However I found Earl's body shop has them for about $6 each...winner!
  11. I like this photo, it's the end result of machining these out of solid blanks of billet. A full rubbish bin of swarf!!!! Ones on the car, here's the other three.
  12. All done (x4). Thew!!! That was actually a lot of work to achieve...
  13. Getting there. Just looked at the time and its after 11pm...time to stop working, will make a costly mistake soon if I carry on into the night. There's always tomorrow to get it done...
  14. Making spigots for the wheels to help centre them.
  15. How have I not seen this? Beautiful work on that alternator fan...aluminum awesomeness!
  16. Not actually my impala...But I like this photo (for many reasons). I'll call this an aspirational photo...
  17. Nutserts added to floor, then I bolted a tool box into boot tucked out of the way. It also helps protect the vulnerable rear quarter panels from getting dinged by lose stuff in the boot hitting them. Believe me...I've seen a beautiful HQ monaro destroyed by a trolley jack in the boot rolling around lose, after a spirited drive from Hamilton to the Mount!
  18. New overflow bottle, horn etc... and general tidy up of engine bay.
  19. Machined up this bracket to hold a period correct looking rev counter to the steering column.
  20. Only serious rust in this car, cut that shit out and patch her up. Luckily it's under the rear seat and won't affect the paint.
  21. New master cylinder, flexible lines in rear, drums in rear got new slave cylinders and freshened up by machining the drums true, new pads in front, front discs machined etc etc...