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  1. Looking good. Cool project, keep up the updates please.
  2. I'm always blown away by how far out tbe ports etc can be from "matching". Simple blueprinting can make these little motors so much snappier and responsive.
  3. Seal imports? I always seem to find something that'll work, or can be made to work from those guys.
  4. Funny...we both posted above at same time. I'm of the opinion these are just slow motors, after doing a lot of geeking out online. Best way to go fast is do what everyone said to do at the start and find a Yamaha Jog motor. I didn't understand how scooters bolted together back then, now ivd had them apart a fee times, I can see it's not a big deal to do. Just keeping an eye out now for a crashed one.
  5. Nope. I'm not sure how this one works, but it has chain driven gears that somehow gives it 2 speeds? *Image stolen off the internet.
  6. Pic to sum up the last couple hours... #blackwheelsmatter Plus while apart, I cleaned out all the grease inside the brake drums with brake cleaner, then sanded everything to freshen it up. Brakes now work good. Success!!! Ending the day on a win...beer time now.
  7. Cool. I'll get back to you at some stage, may take a week as I'm about done with scooters this weekend. Thanks
  8. And just so the Yamaha doesn't feel left out. It handled the 12km trip with ease. However I think I could probably walk faster up some of the bigger hills? And then downhill it hits some kind of limiter at 55km/hr and just won't push through it. Feels electrical like a speed limiter on the coil? Not sure? But the honda does 70+++ downhill, its right off the speedo.
  9. You wouldn't happen to have a starter motor? Mine no longer works.
  10. Can't keep away from these things. Did an oil change on the transmission. Yip...yes it did... Cut and polished the 40 year old paint. Came up better than expected, but wont be winning best paint award at SEMA this year tho. Still, I'm happy with it.
  11. About a 12km return trip to road test it...oh and also buy coke, chocolate, chips and a pie. Well it's rude not too when this place sells it all.
  12. The Honda didn't have front brakes, or a working speedometer. So I ordered some cheap crap off trademe. The cheapest parts I could find, as none of the scooter places I tried could find me parts for a 1982 Honda Tact. Or nifty50, or spree...or be much help at all. I didn't cast a wide net...but soon got the impression I was on my own with this one. I modified the original cable end. Then joined it to the "new" cable. Two layers of heat shrink hold it inline for installation purposes. Once tension is on it, this will hold itself together. I machined this
  13. Even a toilet in the boot, you've thought of everything!
  14. And I picked up this pipe that potentially I could modify to work. It's off a yz80, so would need a little volume cut out of it, but that's nothing I haven't already done before. I'm reluctant to tear down these motors and port them, as I doubt that parts are available anymore. Any Google searching for stuff ends nowhere, so I'd be making a lot of work for myself if I did do this. I did have other plans for this. But yeah/nah possibilities are good to think about.
  15. I fair bit of time later...got it looking presentable. I'll probably paint it, but undecided at this stage. I'm still not sure if I'll use it on these motors, or get a more modern engine and transplant it into the passola. No rush to make that decision
  16. If you got a body shell like that, then you'd be a wolf in sheep's clothing. It would certainly help keep unwanted attention from you...
  17. You can tie and solder the spokes where they cross each other. I've done this on my velobike as everyone said I was going to die using the wheel I chose. I soldered them...didn't die...so must be good?
  18. So, trademe strikes again. A classic case of "expectations V reality". But in the totally misrepresented the goods kind of way. I've never done the Tinder thing, but I imagine this is a common experience when you are fizzing about a girl who swiped right on you...then you meet her and realise her photos are 20 years old, prior to having vaginal birthed triplets, becoming an alcoholic, developing a lazy eye and putting on 40kg. That was my day. I woke fizzing about a trademe purchase (the expansion chamber off this scooter) a few nights before, that I was about to collect. I paid him
  19. Man this would be cool hidden under a lambretta frame or similar
  20. I'm calling it done; nothing says finished quite like mismatching grey paint and a pin-up girl decal.
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