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  1. Righto, I have said scooter in my posession. Amazingly it can fit inside a hilux canopy standing upright on its kickstand. It's tiki touring around the upper north island getting a free ride with me, as I'm up whangarei working. Home tomorrow and will actually see what I've got, as I picked it up at nighttime. Fuck. Is it wrong to be super excited about a scooter? Like seriously...???
  2. Kids now have a matching tiny house, that they'll never use (along with all the other shit I've made them that they never use). Finally finished it today.
  3. So this ^ came up on trademe when I searched for a TAV 30 cvt. Someone started a neat little project, trying to make a wakeboard winch. But lacked the tools/skills to finish it. I was happy with just the motor, but looking at all the parts, its pretty much all you need to make a drift trike yeah...why the fuck not eh. A bit of figuring out and yip, I can make this work. The rotor is designed to fit on a wheel hub, but they're expensive, so I'm using this sprocket carrier off the winch drum. Saves buying an extra hub at $120/a pair. Full send, no turning back now. I cut a spigot into the mounting face to centralize the rotor (not shown). Then drilled new mounting holes. Fuck yeah. Hydraulic brakes!!! Here's some of the goodies off the wakeboard drum. I ordered a single hub to fit the axle and that's about all I need to buy. More to come...
  4. What sort of $? I still haven't picked up this scooter. Paid for it, but then got locked down and lifes got busy again.
  5. Never one to waste an opportunity. The concrete I cut up and removed from my shed floor. I've just laid it out for a quick visual and it looks roughly about right. Next I'll remove it, level out a flat base with sand. Lay the concrete back in, then fill it flush with the driveway and tops of the concrete bits using gravel. Something like this ^ This should give me am area to park my hilux or maybe a large tandem trailer in the future if I actually buy one etc...hell, if I get old enough maybe even a camper van?
  6. I didn't ride this goped for ages after crashing it so badly, but eventually I forgave it and showed it some love. Approximately 4 weeks after that crash my arm still hurt like fuck! It felt like electric shocks everytime I twisted it (like when using a screwdriver) I had it x-rayed and found out it was broken. Yip, 4 weeks trying to carry on as nothing was wrong with a broken arm...equals dick!!! Anyways, I noticed as the motor got hotter it would lose power. It wasn't enough to stop riding it, but it bugged me that it was brutally fast when cold - but not as good when hot. So I teared down the motor for a look. Nothing obvious unfortunately. I was hoping to see a witness mark around the head gasket (I don't actually use a head gasket, just some RTV) but nothing. Convinced that the problem was still this area I put a proper gasket in there and removed a shim to balance out my squish band to get the same squish...but move the timing up a fraction. It did the same thing, started strong...finished poorly. But this time I found my leak. The lower cases. Finally i could see a tiny misty area of fuel/air mix coming out of a small gap in the lower cases. Mystery solved...yay!!!!!!!! Parts on order now, will fix it when i get them. This is exciting stuff, as it's already fast, but will only be better for it once that leak is plugged.
  7. Got sick of no kick stand, so made this for it. It flicks back by itself when not in use. I'll give it a quick tidy up and call it done.
  8. Here's my switch board. Is it pretty simple to connect a 3 phase outlet from here? I won't be doing the work obviously...but just after a reality check on feasibility?
  9. Thank you, really appreciate the reply.
  10. That's all good, I'd rather hear it how it is. Thanks
  11. Yeah, makes sense. Good to think out loud sometimes and see what comes back. Thanks
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'm pretty quick to point out that I'm out of my depth knowledge wise here? As in clueless. Our house has 3 phases coming into the meter box (we live rural). Apparently 1 phase runs directly to our water heater. The other 2 phases split around the house circuits. The electrician put a 3 phase cable from the meter box to our shed, and connected 2 of the house phases up, but not the water heater one. Well that's my recollection of what happened? I am keen on the idea of 3 phase power, even if it's just one outlet that I run an extension cable to, as and when required. But thought if I could just adapt a 2.2kw single phase motor off a water pump or something then that could be a cheap win?
  13. I'm interested in this. I've seen something on trademe along these lines, but I'm an electrical retard. I have a 3 phase cable running to my shed, but the sparky just took two of the phases and ran a circuit each way off a phase each. So I don't have 3 phase power, just 2 single phases, and a dead wire. Is it very expensive to get these phases wired up to an outlet for proper 3 phase?
  14. This is a 3 phase motor, that's what the tag says. My very basic knowledgeable of electric stuff is an equation I recall from school: P = V.I Now what's preventing me from losing this motor and substituting it for an equivalent 2.2kw power single phase alternative? If P = V.I 2.2kw = 240v x I I = 2.2x1000w ÷ 240v I = 9.17Amps Seams like not ridiculous amount of amps to draw? Is this possible? As simple as finding a 2.2kw single phase motor and adapting it to fit my application? Or is there a cheaper alternative to all the above? Ideas, thoughts, experiences please...????
  15. By fucking it up the first 2 times. It's not that hard, I used a bicycle cable and ran the route I wanted it to go, then measured required length off that. The hard part was the fittings. Pays to measure everything as the hand control may be different to the caliper, as too the foot reservoir to the rear caliper...they can all be completely different. The other problem is the angles the end fittings are bent at. They have tight radius and won't clear fuck all. I tried to do this with a 90° bend, but the radius was too tight and it wouldn't reach the hole (insert joke). So I had to do it with a 45° bend and add extra length to the line. My advice would be to take it to a brake place if you can, as it's cheaper to get it right first time, rather than fuck up multiple times like I did. Or if you're doing it yourself really check those banjo sizes, angles, rotations etc... and don't aim for hero tolerance on the lines...add a bit of fat in there.
  16. Hel brake lines arrived today. This is take 3 on the brake lines. All fits well, but I did have to bend the banjo a couple mm in the vice and rotate the fitting 90°. Hel have rotation as a selling point, but fuck me it took some force to do this.
  17. I've added a clamp fitting up near the timing cover too, and will weld actual to the frame there to further support the exhaust. That should do the trick. I've made all the bits, but don't want to weld it with the current problems I'm having with my welder.
  18. Did a little tweak to my exhaust bracket by adding another support. This should brace it so it doesn't fatigue. My welder was playing up and feeding erratically, but got there in the end.
  19. My mig welder has been misbehaving lately. I figured out the issue and did this fix. Bolt head is pulling out of the base, cheap shit plastic! Luckily I have a tig, so was able to weld this bolt to a bit of metal I turned up on the lathe. It's done the trick, but it's still being a bitch and acting up. The 0.6mm wire just doesn't seem to work in this welder. Weird, as I used to run it without issues. Maybe cheap brand? Anyways once lockdown is down I'll go back to 0.8mm.
  20. He just puts the files in his fireplace (wood burner) and leaves them there for a few weeks while warming his feet watching Netflix. This apparently heat cycles the steel and makes it go soft. He said it adds carbon too, but I'm not sure about that...sounds a bit weird? Anyway, the soft metal is easily worked and shaped. Once he's happy with the shape and it's all polished up, it then gets heat treated in the furnace. The furnace causes a little distortion and ruins the finish, but it doesn't take much effort to make it look good again afterwards. If you don't polish the blade prior to heat treatment, then it's a huge amount of work to get the scratches out because you're working with steel that is now back to the hardness of a file!
  21. I'm no expert, just googled a few things and gave it a crack. The steel is an old saw blade that kitchen builders use for cutting stone with. They're about 400mm in diameter and about 2mm thick. I got a couple for free, as the blades were flogged out. I use a 40 grit flap wheel to slim the thickness down, then work through the grades to polish it up, eventually using a buffing wheel to polish. I do this process very carefully to avoid heating up the metal and ruining the steels heat treatment. The blow touch is to soften the handle steel. Two reasons for this: 1) So I can drill the hardened steel, without this spot heating the drill wouldn't cut through. 2) knives should have a softer tang/handle, as hardened steel is brittle and the handle junction is the highest stress point, so if it was left brittle it would snap. The vice acts as a heat sink and keeps the heat out of the blade. That's about all I can offer. My brother has a furnace and makes knives from files. But he does full on heat treatments etc. I try to avoid all this and just make basic stuff.