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  1. Out of interest, are these 6v or 12v? No battery, so I'm unsure?
  2. So, overall a win. Loving the 80's square box look. However I must have learnt a different English language to some trademe sellers? When someone says "starts and runs ok", I feel it would be a reasonable assumption to think it starts and runs? However what the seller means, it once used to start and run and the last time it did actually start and run was many, many, many years ago because they haven't actually used it in many years... but it shouldn't be too hard for a motorcycle mechanic to fix it and get it going again if you throw enough time and money at it... FFS, if it wasn't so cheap I would have turned around and left without it. Obviously it didn't start, or run, or start and run, or even start and run ok. And the brakes yeah/ doesn't even have a cable, so it must be connected via bluetooth??? I got it home and cleaned the carb, checked for spark, fiddled with a few things...then got it running on engine start after a few hours fetling, but it's not getting any fuel so it doesn't run by itself. It's the vaccum valve on the tank causing the main problem as far as I can tell. So I'll either have to bypass it, or get a new one. But at least it fired up on engine start. So, looks like a bit more work than I was expecting...but fuck it, you know I'm going to find the time and just get it done.
  3. You know it! Funny enough this one is for her. She had an FA50 at university and after riding my passola the other day, said she'd really like a cheap scooter again.
  4. I think someone should have cut my hands off at birth, or at least ban me from trademe... Yip...aha...yep...yes this did just happen.
  5. Whoop whoop! Parts arrived 3 months after ordering them. Better late than never I guess? A cheeky unboxing photo Then a test fit. Well it didn't go as it should, I had to re tap the hole because the 1/4 NPT (T, stands for tapered) thread bottomed out only a turn into it. Not quite a friendly screw of the tap cut it a new one. Also the little filter doesn't fit through the hole. Bit of a design flaw don't you think??? It can only be installed from the top...ummmm of the all but sealed tank. I'll figure something out, or just leave it off.
  6. Might try make something like this: I'll put a bit more finesse into the real version. Should tidy up this area, but still keep the 80's cool looks.
  7. Fuck yeah, wouldn't even know it wasn't a factory original. Happy days...
  8. Thanks @Raizer and @cletus I've got it sorted now. Just gotta drill out the dash to fit the new ignition switch and make it look factory fresh again. It hurts me to butcher it this way, but a new ignition was looking to be somewhere between $150 - $180 delivered to my door, versus this one I got off trademe for about $6 delivered to my door. So no brainer really.
  9. Okay. I did the above, connected to the open and closed circuits on the cheap ignition. Works awesome, as it should. The headlight bulb is blown...but everything else (stop, left, right turn signals and horn) all good. Now I have a grey wire not connected to anything. I'm picking the very smart engineering team at Yamaha didn't put it there for shits and giggles. So I've just gotta figure out what it does??? Ideas???
  10. Here's my scooter. I've never seen the ignition barrel, so on face value it looks like mine is either ON or OFF, no middle position? Or have I got this wrong and things aren'tquitewhatthey seem? @cletus is this what yours looks like? In which case I do have a middle position on the switch? This is like trying to paint a picture of something you've never seen...
  11. I'm not sure, when I got it the ignition had all sorts of "jump" wires hooked across various wires connecting them together. I guess the dude was trying to mimic the ignition switch by doing this? All I did was unplug it, figuring that most motors earth the coil to kill the motor, so by unplugging it the coil wont be earthed. It worked, got spark straight away. I'm hoping the secret lies in these wiring diagrams. This one is for the 1980-81 model, which I thought I had. This has that middle switch position that @cletus described This one is for the 82 on models and looks similar. As I read it (and I'm a total fucktard with all thing electrical). In the following positions: OFF - black/red wire connected to black wire. ON - brown and red wires connected Middle position, which I'm unsure about and not sure if I need this? So I'm thinking I give that a go using my cheap ignition?
  12. Think mine is 1981 passola (info off carjam). Don't think it's the passola ME?
  13. My battery is currently disconnected. It reads 6.2v on multimeter so I think the battery is all good. I have no idea what dumbfuckery has been done to this scooter over the years, but I'm trying to return it to where it should be without adding my own crapness to it.
  14. Too cold to go out to shed now, but from memory mine has ON and OFF. But I'll check and make sure tomorrow.
  15. I found this wiring diagram online. Now this is what's left of my ignition: Now, I've got the bike going which is easy, just disconnecting this enables it to run. To stop it, I lean it over and there must be an oil switch in the oil reservoir that cuts out. But I want to use the lights, horn, indicators etc, so I need to figure out what wires to connect to each other, as the key would do. I brought this cheap ignition switch off trademe for $4, and hope to somehow boogie it up. So anyone good at reading electric diagrams? What wires do I need to connect to make my lights etc work? Help??? I'm an electrical retard.
  16. Why yes I am. This woman can't keep off it...I keep shooting down the road to see my neighbour - just because. I've put 2 tanks of gas through it. On day one, I couldn't get it to start. So I made an adaptation to fit a pocket bike carburetor to it. The carb on the passola is only about 13mm ID, but the pocket bike carbs are 19mm. I may review this and give it a go another day. The downfall was it couldn't fit under the factory plastic. I'm really happy all round with this thing. I've got to get an ignition (key) switch to get the electrical side of things sorted. But yeah...this is all kinds of awesome.
  17. All back together and working pretty good. Cold starts (as in overnight) are interesting. Only starts with no throttle and dies...and dies...and dies...if you try rev it, and cuts out if you dont. Literally fires up straight away for 2 seconds then dies. Then if you're lucky you can half throttle it and rev it until warmish...and it's good to go. Hot starting needs about 5 kicks at half throttle and away you go. But fuck it's cool. Does 50kph on the flat easy, 60kph down a gentle hill then cuts out. Must have a limited?
  18. This took all fucking day...I was scratching my head, couldn't get it to run. Had me well fucked to the point of insanity. The last owner gave up on trying to get it going and I was about to as well.That's the problem with shit other people fuck with, you don't know what they've done and you start over thinking and exploring all those possibilities. But then after 8 hours I stopped for a coffee...and ding!!! Light switch moment!!! Reeds - its gotta be the fucking reed valve. So upon taking it apart I find a stone inside the reed valve holding it open on one side. Honestly if the said stone was 1mm smaller in size it would have gone through the motor. I popped it out, turned the petals over and it fired up and run (awfully) for the first time in god knows how long...yes, yes...YES!!! Cleaning the low and main jets and emulation tube with a small wire also helped. And then an "Italian tune up" aka drive it like you stole it...and success. I'll tidy it up and try figure out what giggery has happened to the wiring tomorrow. Someone has made a real mess trying to hotwire it. But it goes...fuck yeah...stoked...
  19. They work amazing on these gopeds and pocket bikes. Locks up hard out! But terrible on bikes and drift trikes, achieving a slowing down at best, but not able to lockup a wheel and skid. Not sure why? Mass, wheel diameter? Fucked if I know??? But I suspect its overall weight of what its gotta stop. They must just be on the limit of stopping a combined weight of say 120kg, but not able to effectively stop 150kg?