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  1. Spare wheel now mounted up front to give it a more classic look. Nutserts for the win! Fuck yeah...
  2. Yip...done it again. Gone and brought another one to keep the peppermint one company, as no one likes being alone in a cold dark shed. Guess I can see a road trip to Wellington coming up in a few weeks time to go and collect it. #cryforhelp #scooteraddiction #thisisgettingtrickytohidefrommywife
  3. All done. Well except ummm brakes, but meh...does skids and brakes are for pussy's
  4. Fuck yes...seriously...fuck yes! Ready for action now.
  5. Got all the big bits assembled and running well. I have to clearance out the inside of the cvt housing, because I'm running mine upside-down to usual, in order to shorten the chain as much as possible. I've hooked up throttle and wired in a kill switch on the handlebars. Its only got front brakes, which on a trike are completely useless. I need to get hold of a master cylinder and some brake line to finish the rear brakes. Pretty happy with it so far, its all falling into place.
  6. Welded in those brake crush tubes Threw some paint on it after a quick going over with a flap disc, wire brush and some solvent. Then it fucking rained on my fresh paint outside, but only a couple drops. So just going to accept that and bolt it together as is tomorrow.
  7. Brakes all sorted. And I drilled the jet out to 0.95mm and added a pod filter for maximum unicorns.
  8. More progress: Brakes...pretty important on most vehicles Fuck yeah...combination spacer/crush tube brakets. Love me a good multi purpose bracket. A lot of over engineering going on here. Smashed it! Pretty much done, just need to order a few miscellaneous parts like cables to hook up for controls etc
  9. Hmmm???? Hadn't thought that far ahead? My guess is that it'll be awesome? But yeah, only one way to find out? Full send! I think ill be reducing that sprocket size down tho? But it was all but free, so I'll try it first before spending money.
  10. Had a late night last night, then hit it again this morning...nearly done. Pretty happy so far.
  11. Bit of action...que cutting and welding montage: Mate it with a drift trike: Boom! One axle setup ready to rip!
  12. Bit of a random project. Always wanted one of these. So brought it on an impulse buy when it was on sale at super cheap auto last week. Problem was it's useless just flopping around on top of the bench. I tried all sorts of Mickey Mouse ways of holding it down with clamps etc, none of them were successful. So I decided that a purpose built stand was in order: Hmmmm...what colour should I paint it? I know...red??? Yip, red was a good choice... Location wise, this is a dead space in the shed that is of no use for anything else, so I stuck it there. Iv
  13. Little project to fill in some of the day. Take one beer hydrometer for home brew. Some stupidly overpriced aluminum from mitre10. But beggars can't be chosers. And turn it all into a long rego tube that actually fits rego and wof lables, unlike the trademe special that couldn't even fit a nz sized rego on it own. Next up, some Stevie Wonder panel and paint work. Before^^ After. I just wanted to get rid of the rust, as it was starting to eat into the metal, a bit deeper than just surface rust. I beat out the big dents with
  14. Brought some angle iron to finish the wall. Came up pretty good. I used boiled linseed oil on it like I did to the barn door steel work, stops it rusting but looks raw and rustic looking. Guy at engineering shop said yesterday was their biggest day for sales since opening.
  15. Im keen. My schedule has changed somewhat with planned work in Auckland now ummmmm...... So I have some free time up my sleeve.
  16. Whats your plans for the tank? Thats not a loaded question, just curious if you're going to pin stripe, or lay down some racing stripes/numbers or something?
  17. My brown seat covers arrived in record time. They're just sitting on top loosely in this pic. For now I'll just keep the black ones on, but if I decide to go ahead and repaint it another colour I'll put them on. Im still not totally sure what I'm actually trying to achieve with this scooter? But man am I having fun riding it. Any excuse to ride to town to get something I'm there. I'm thinking of taking up smoking just so I'll have to do more regular trips to a dairy or gas station.
  18. There were literally hundreds of bikes there. Weirdly this caught my eye I guess beauty really is in the eye of the beholder???
  19. Structure inspections. I only identify problems...not fix them.
  20. In Invercargille for work...had an hour (not enough time) to look at this place https://www.motorcyclemecca.nz World class! 3 stories full of restoration Heaven.
  21. I made some rubber gaskets/isolators from bike inner tube. Then installed the rear pinion seat chassis. You can just see the inner tube sandwiched between the parts. It also makes up for a little step in height differences between surfaces in this area win/win. Frame on. Its only 3x M8 bolts to put on, take off. Could be used as a rack too if required. And a pic of it with dual seats. Still looking sweet, but I definitely prefer it with only one seat. I reckon its about 100x better without that shitty chrome rack sticking out the back. It can go ba
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