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  1. Nutserts added to floor, then I bolted a tool box into boot tucked out of the way. It also helps protect the vulnerable rear quarter panels from getting dinged by lose stuff in the boot hitting them. Believe me...I've seen a beautiful HQ monaro destroyed by a trolley jack in the boot rolling around lose, after a spirited drive from Hamilton to the Mount!
  2. New overflow bottle, horn etc... and general tidy up of engine bay.
  3. Machined up this bracket to hold a period correct looking rev counter to the steering column.
  4. Only serious rust in this car, cut that shit out and patch her up. Luckily it's under the rear seat and won't affect the paint.
  5. New master cylinder, flexible lines in rear, drums in rear got new slave cylinders and freshened up by machining the drums true, new pads in front, front discs machined etc etc...
  6. Getting seatbelts sorted. Came up with this solution to keep the system vertically oriented. The certifier was happy with rock on!
  7. Wheel studs, needed to be longer as not enough thread engagement with mags on. Sorted!
  8. Boring shit Exhaust was rubbing on the bigger tyres. It's got a 255/45/18 in the rear...heat, hammer, and a little finesse...sorted!
  9. I've been loathed to do this, but the time has come to start an impala thread. Lots a trivial shit will be posted, as the bulk of the work has already been done on this car.
  10. Okay - rears are sorted. Still after the front ones...soooo...anyone got a go to place? I've never thought of it before, but every old car with aluminum mags will likely need this done. Steel rims are only about 5mm thick, whereas aluminum wheels are more likely to be 20mm or makes sense in hindsight. However I suspect, like me, most are oblivious to this.
  11. I've been Google searching for about 2hrs now...well off and on. Finally found a lead on something I could use at a reasonable price. 20x$5 is fuckloads better than 20x $18!!! I'll chase this up tomorrow. As for the spigots- think I'll just make them. My sizes seem huge compared to what available on trademe etc...
  12. This is what I've got in the front, I'm after 10 of these...but about 5-10mm longer. The rear is similar, but the spline section is much smaller. Haven't got measurements on hand. Thread is 7/16x20 on all of them. Also after 4x concentric hubs to locate my wheels on the hubs. Wheres a good place to find this stuff??? Google searching is drawing blanks in nz.
  13. I think the sill would prevent this option from being viable. I'll check it out tomorrow...after 15hrs working non stop on my car I'm a bit over it tonight. Where that paper with the x on it is the sill, so I cant drill in there as I wouldn't be able to access the other side. If I go any further inwards on the floor to find the flat area I'll likely be too far inwards and foul on the seat. But I'll check for sure tomorrow. Thanks for the reply, much appreciated tho.
  14. Balls! I tried mounting the retractors on the factory holes...looks good, clearances are good, it's in the magic H zone...but they don't work on that angle. Mine are designed to be mounted straight up/down. So I think I'll need to do the double plate method after all. Edit: Is this a viable alternative? And imagine there's a double plate, mounted it would look like this - held vertical against a non vertical surface
  15. With the seat belt anchors, I removed the seats carpet etc...and under all that are factory original mounting points on the floor. These go through an overlapping seam on a crossmember flange. Can I just use these? Or do I still need to put in double plates? This rubber bung was in the threaded hole. Its behind the seat mounts, but at the very front of the B pillar. This section says it's okay...but man is this shit confusing for me. 50 pages on how to mount seatbelts! Surely 2 pages with drawings would explain it far better than 50 pages of words ever would?
  16. Less work and not ruining my paint sounds good. He was happy with the upper mount point, but not the lower anchors. I'm capable of doing the work, just wanted to make sure I was doing it correctly first. Cheers
  17. Front seat belt lower anchor points on or near a B piller. Can someone post a photo of what an acceptable one would look like installed on an old car...bonus points if it's an impala? Or perhaps a link to where I'd find the required standards? I need to sort this issue out for a cert, and I still haven't got my head around it yet.
  18. Looking good, thanks for sharing.
  19. Those are very good reasons. I just work on the theory that accidents happen to other people and not I should be sweet as:)
  20. Shit hot! Just carjamed it and first registration was 22 May 1964...sweet!!!
  21. Thanks. Yeah confusing eh... Think I don't need them, may have to double check registration dates, as it may have lapsed then been put back on etc...