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  1. Soooo, I kinda fucked my knee, as in big time fucked it. No, I wasn't riding a dirt bike, a harley, scooter, motorized mobility scooter, tall bike, drift trike, gokart...nope, not even a goped. I simply went to step up onto a deck and some shit broke inside my knee. Totally unspectacular, no cool "war stories" to tell... Now my biggest problem i was about to face is that I drink coffee like water. In fact some days I don't drink water other than what comes in my coffee or beer. So I was getting kind of desperate to solve this first world problem...but never fear, a solution was in h
  2. I've got a lot of ideas for this, some of them are even good ones. I'll start keeping an eye out for parts and see where this goes depending on what pops up.
  3. So, I found this body shell online. And the dude is driving from Napier to Auckland this weekend and has agreed to meet me about 10km from my house with it in his van...total GC!!! Its almost to good to be true, I hope its not a situation I end up regretting, as I'm pushed into said van and wake up days later naked, chained to a pole in his basement? But hey, at least I won't have to worry about doing the shopping and paying the bills... *I'm not actually serious about the van, I've already declared my undying support for vans, van drivers and all things van relate
  4. I've never liked this helmet (looks wise), its clear coat was flaking off, it had shitty giant white JETPRO logos at front that looked a bit dorky etc. So I decided that I'd paint it army green, however I liked the distressed look so much when I sanded it down in preparation, I decided to clear coat it as is. If I get bored with this look, then I'll just scuff it up and go army green. But im going to rock like this for now.
  5. Not sure how "legal" this is, but sure beats running outta gas 6km from home like last time.
  6. Okay, shits gettin real! Yeeeehah!!!
  7. Yes, yes I am... Dada da da dah, dada da da da dadahh!!!
  8. Going to pay tribute to my favorite show as a kid, the Dukes of Hazzard. Nothing says redneck like the General Lee, so time to start numbing my brain with moonshine and start creating: Made a good start, more to come...
  9. Back on the 50cc. So slow, so ridiculously slow...but so much fun. My wife took off down the road on it, disappeared for 45 minutes, but returned in the best mood. The magic power of scooters!
  10. I brought a new guage to fix a problem. However the pin outputs were different than mine. Everything I've touched lately gets fucked by my own hands! I started cutting, soldering and splicing the loom together, then realized all I needed to do was unplug the bulbs from the speedo and keep the harness intact. So its now half and half, as I'd already done one side. I guess its better than never starting at all, but sometimes a little fore thought may go a long way? Anyway, after stretching the speedo cable outer sheath (more dick fingers at work) and then having to cut a bi
  11. Before. After. I really like the black glovebox lid, gives it that contrast look that all the cool kids are to their cars by painting/wrapping the bonnet black.
  12. Apart from the dust and bugs, its so mint! Definitely going to paint more of my in shit in 2K. I have done a couple things in the past in 2K, but got lazy with the convenience of rattle cans, as 90% of the stuff I paint doesn't really matter if its durable or not. But yeah, this paint is so good.
  13. I actually painted something in real paint that looks like it should. Well, apart from it coinciding with a dust storm and bug breeding season: Paint leveled out so good, like glass. However I can see a small dent now that I couldn't see beforehand. Oh well, I'm still over the moon with it.
  14. Apologies then. I've lost a couple in the hunting/fishing section and one in here recently. All good, I'll take off my tin foil hat then.
  15. My language must be offensive to some snowflakes on here as my posts are getting deleted more frequently these days, so I'll try again with less effort put in to it. sandblasted and painted rear rack, to finish my tidy up job.
  16. Hot off the press from Stevie Wonder paint works... It looked like this beforehand. Sandblasting it to get back to bare metal. Zinc primer, then heavy filler primer to try fill the pitting. Yeah/nah...okay...hmmm...fuck, cunt, shit, balls, cock! Turns out when matching paint, you should actually take a sample in with you to try match it to, rather than just saying "yeah mate, thats the one"... sight unseen. Take 2, I repainted it again in a different colour. Much better, but still a fair way off actually matching. And it
  17. The brass slip collar on mine exploded after about 20 minutes of total running time. But meh, doesn't feel any different without it and the belts so loose I can't see it wearing it out any quicker without it there. The Cvt is weird though eh. I didn't think it was a great decision immediately after trialing it, then we raced each other on the drift trikes, it was clearly faster.
  18. Looking good, love the colour choices
  19. Work in progress, but mostly done. I've fixed the brakes by tightened the steering stem/bearings as it had a terrible shudder, this is completely gone now after tightening the stem. The brakes were fine, but I skimmed them in my lathe just because and gave them a scuff up with sandpaper to help bed them in again. Next I'll sandblast my rack and paint it, now that I've modified it to hold the spare wheel. It had a stupid little storage container that rattled like a mains powered vibrator! Chop chop! Rack finished, works and looks awesom
  20. FYI, just discovered a life hack. That plastic guage face was so yellowed by the sun and 20 years of scratches etc it was near impossible to see through. This paint cutting compound had it crystal clear in about 30 seconds of rubbing (about the physical limit of my own endurance).
  21. Oh my, I thought this was a nonjudgemental space for fellow enthusiasts with equal amounts of OCD to support each others hopes, dreams and aspirations? Nah just fucking with ya. Yip, the struggle is real. I have a disease...
  22. Nice work. I had to grind some of the inner structure away for chain clearance on my cvt. No drama, just marked out the parts that needed clearance and used a flap disc on a grinder.
  23. Another year, and the trikes have bred. 15 trikes now, but only 11 turned up this year due to life, work, kids sport, adults sport and a sprained uterus (okay, that last one may not be true, as I don't think technically a man can have a uterus?). Anyway, a great day with good mates, skids, beer, talking shit. #trikelife
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