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  1. The forward controls looked awesome, I figured someone must have done some kind of R&D on them, or at least tried them out, but whoever designed these was a fucktard!! Seriously, the shifter arm had its pivot center about 100mm behind the foot peg. The arm was only about 150mm long, so 150mm - 100mm = 50mm of room to squeeze your foot in. ○Basically you had to lift up with the shifter here. ○Then, you had to lift your entire foot off the peg and lift it up and over the shifter, put you entire foot on top of the shifter to shift down the gear, with no heel contact on the peg
  2. Its growing on me, its actually a very solid bike under the 20 layers of rattle can paint jobs hiding its past, like an old hooker smeared in makeup and cheap perfume. I bobbed the tail to tidy it up, looks much better already. All I did was unbolt shit. Then added some bar end mirrors i had left over from projects past. Today I purchased a motorcycle dolly, because I've always wanted one. I'm not sure why, as apparently motorcycles come with their own wheels and aren't that hard to shift on your own...who knew?? But hey, I achieved a life goal of owning a motorcy
  3. Okay, slight u-turn... Some v-twin Japanese nostalgia to add to the collection. Tho the cunt who sold it to me did a runner with a box containing the wiring loom, headlight and a heap of good stuff promised in the sale. Long story, but just yet another sad reminder that in life you're going end up doing business with a cunt every now and then. Anyway, the bike has good bones. I have steel, a grinder and a welder, plus about 100hrs this week alone of watching YouTube on cafe racers...so let's get past that small hurdle and start planning a cool build. No time frames, no bud
  4. That my teenage dream right there. Well the DR200 and a ferrari F40...hey dreams were free...
  5. Small project today. Something I've always wanted, but they sell for ridiculous money (plus postage from UK on top!!). So I made one, basically cost $20 for the oil can (with oil, that I'll pour into my mower, then replace with 2T oil). I knew that old belt that broke on me would get a second chance. It did me well for about 12 years wearing it most days. Braket mocked up. Tadah!!!
  6. Another random project: Now I can get away from using those stupid valve master squirty things, that no gas stations appear to have anymore
  7. I don't know why this fascinates me, but im always amused by what I can get into my vespa glovebox 1.5L coke bottle...pffftt, hardly touching the sides! 2L frozen chocolate icecream...pffftt...I could easily have fit the coke in there too and done it in one trip, but doing multiple trips is kind of my go-to choice of entertainment these days.
  8. Full send, bolted down now and working great! The big lawnmower wheel adds a lot more velocity to the belt than my other linisher has, so that equates to faster rate of shit getting removed. The maths looks like this: Bs.M = SDF (Belt speed × material = shit done faster) Another win...
  9. And a good opportunity to test my new linisher, see what its appetite for eating steel is like. Yip, it loves it!
  10. Courtesy of the US postal service. Stamped metal license plate...America, fuck yeah!
  11. Finished and working great! Just need to bolt it down to the concrete so I can use it without fear of it toppling over.
  12. Maybe? Think 150cc scooter variator, or quad bike/ATV version? should handle a fair bit of power? I still think a fucked motorcycle engine, cut gear box off it, weld sprocket to crankshaft... for free
  13. Not finished...but you get the idea. I've made it so the top can move around in 90° increments, so you can use it in whatever position you need. Left, right, big wheel or little wheel etc...Paint to come next.
  14. Turns out even a cripple can change an oil seal... Its was leaking so much, the rear brakes no longer worked. I used degreaser and cleaned it all out. I didn't wash it with water inside the rear hub because I didn'twant to contaminate the gearbox oil etc, fingers crossed that doesn't do bad things? I just whipped it down with a rag best I could? I then sanded the brake surfaces on the drum and the pads, put it all back together and boom...brakes work hard out, easily locks up and does skids.
  15. Rear fenders, in true early 2000's Jesse James Monster Garage style "FREEBIE"... Another awesome GC hooked me up. Plug for Retroscooter in Akl for all things ummm retro and scooter???
  16. Looking good man! I've been hard out watching cafe racer TV on YouTube. This style is really growing on me, in particular your bike and moto guzzi (ural and Honda too) with the v or boxer style motors, so cool!
  17. Yes!!! Free delivery, total GC...and although his van was rather big, I didn't end up in a rape dungeon...so things couldn't have gone better.
  18. Soooo, I kinda fucked my knee, as in big time fucked it. No, I wasn't riding a dirt bike, a harley, scooter, motorized mobility scooter, tall bike, drift trike, gokart...nope, not even a goped. I simply went to step up onto a deck and some shit broke inside my knee. Totally unspectacular, no cool "war stories" to tell... Now my biggest problem i was about to face is that I drink coffee like water. In fact some days I don't drink water other than what comes in my coffee or beer. So I was getting kind of desperate to solve this first world problem...but never fear, a solution was in h
  19. I've got a lot of ideas for this, some of them are even good ones. I'll start keeping an eye out for parts and see where this goes depending on what pops up.
  20. So, I found this body shell online. And the dude is driving from Napier to Auckland this weekend and has agreed to meet me about 10km from my house with it in his van...total GC!!! Its almost to good to be true, I hope its not a situation I end up regretting, as I'm pushed into said van and wake up days later naked, chained to a pole in his basement? But hey, at least I won't have to worry about doing the shopping and paying the bills... *I'm not actually serious about the van, I've already declared my undying support for vans, van drivers and all things van relate
  21. I've never liked this helmet (looks wise), its clear coat was flaking off, it had shitty giant white JETPRO logos at front that looked a bit dorky etc. So I decided that I'd paint it army green, however I liked the distressed look so much when I sanded it down in preparation, I decided to clear coat it as is. If I get bored with this look, then I'll just scuff it up and go army green. But im going to rock like this for now.
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