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  1. Here's my scooter. I've never seen the ignition barrel, so on face value it looks like mine is either ON or OFF, no middle position? Or have I got this wrong and things aren'tquitewhatthey seem? @cletus is this what yours looks like? In which case I do have a middle position on the switch? This is like trying to paint a picture of something you've never seen...
  2. I'm not sure, when I got it the ignition had all sorts of "jump" wires hooked across various wires connecting them together. I guess the dude was trying to mimic the ignition switch by doing this? All I did was unplug it, figuring that most motors earth the coil to kill the motor, so by unplugging it the coil wont be earthed. It worked, got spark straight away. I'm hoping the secret lies in these wiring diagrams. This one is for the 1980-81 model, which I thought I had. This has that middle switch position that @cletus described This one is for the 82 on
  3. Think mine is 1981 passola (info off carjam). Don't think it's the passola ME?
  4. My battery is currently disconnected. It reads 6.2v on multimeter so I think the battery is all good. I have no idea what dumbfuckery has been done to this scooter over the years, but I'm trying to return it to where it should be without adding my own crapness to it.
  5. Too cold to go out to shed now, but from memory mine has ON and OFF. But I'll check and make sure tomorrow.
  6. I found this wiring diagram online. Now this is what's left of my ignition: Now, I've got the bike going which is easy, just disconnecting this enables it to run. To stop it, I lean it over and there must be an oil switch in the oil reservoir that cuts out. But I want to use the lights, horn, indicators etc, so I need to figure out what wires to connect to each other, as the key would do. I brought this cheap ignition switch off trademe for $4, and hope to somehow boogie it up. So anyone good at reading electric diagrams? What wires do I need to connect
  7. Why yes I am. This woman can't keep off it...I keep shooting down the road to see my neighbour - just because. I've put 2 tanks of gas through it. On day one, I couldn't get it to start. So I made an adaptation to fit a pocket bike carburetor to it. The carb on the passola is only about 13mm ID, but the pocket bike carbs are 19mm. I may review this and give it a go another day. The downfall was it couldn't fit under the factory plastic. I'm really happy all round with this thing. I've got to get an ignition (key) switch to get the electrical side of things sorted. But yeah...this is
  8. All back together and working pretty good. Cold starts (as in overnight) are interesting. Only starts with no throttle and dies...and dies...and dies...if you try rev it, and cuts out if you dont. Literally fires up straight away for 2 seconds then dies. Then if you're lucky you can half throttle it and rev it until warmish...and it's good to go. Hot starting needs about 5 kicks at half throttle and away you go. But fuck it's cool. Does 50kph on the flat easy, 60kph down a gentle hill then cuts out. Must have a limited?
  9. This took all fucking day...I was scratching my head, couldn't get it to run. Had me well fucked to the point of insanity. The last owner gave up on trying to get it going and I was about to as well.That's the problem with shit other people fuck with, you don't know what they've done and you start over thinking and exploring all those possibilities. But then after 8 hours I stopped for a coffee...and ding!!! Light switch moment!!! Reeds - its gotta be the fucking reed valve. So upon taking it apart I find a stone inside the reed valve holding it open on one side. Honestly if the
  10. They work amazing on these gopeds and pocket bikes. Locks up hard out! But terrible on bikes and drift trikes, achieving a slowing down at best, but not able to lockup a wheel and skid. Not sure why? Mass, wheel diameter? Fucked if I know??? But I suspect its overall weight of what its gotta stop. They must just be on the limit of stopping a combined weight of say 120kg, but not able to effectively stop 150kg?
  11. Righto, I have said scooter in my posession. Amazingly it can fit inside a hilux canopy standing upright on its kickstand. It's tiki touring around the upper north island getting a free ride with me, as I'm up whangarei working. Home tomorrow and will actually see what I've got, as I picked it up at nighttime. Fuck. Is it wrong to be super excited about a scooter? Like seriously...???
  12. Kids now have a matching tiny house, that they'll never use (along with all the other shit I've made them that they never use). Finally finished it today.
  13. So this ^ came up on trademe when I searched for a TAV 30 cvt. Someone started a neat little project, trying to make a wakeboard winch. But lacked the tools/skills to finish it. I was happy with just the motor, but looking at all the parts, its pretty much all you need to make a drift trike already...so yeah...why the fuck not eh. A bit of figuring out and yip, I can make this work. The rotor is designed to fit on a wheel hub, but they're expensive, so I'm using this sprocket carrier off the winch drum. Saves buying an extra hub at $120/a pair. Full send, no turning b
  14. What sort of $? I still haven't picked up this scooter. Paid for it, but then got locked down and lifes got busy again.
  15. Never one to waste an opportunity. The concrete I cut up and removed from my shed floor. I've just laid it out for a quick visual and it looks roughly about right. Next I'll remove it, level out a flat base with sand. Lay the concrete back in, then fill it flush with the driveway and tops of the concrete bits using gravel. Something like this ^ This should give me am area to park my hilux or maybe a large tandem trailer in the future if I actually buy one etc...hell, if I get old enough maybe even a camper van?
  16. I didn't ride this goped for ages after crashing it so badly, but eventually I forgave it and showed it some love. Approximately 4 weeks after that crash my arm still hurt like fuck! It felt like electric shocks everytime I twisted it (like when using a screwdriver)...so I had it x-rayed and found out it was broken. Yip, 4 weeks trying to carry on as nothing was wrong with a broken arm...equals dick!!! Anyways, I noticed as the motor got hotter it would lose power. It wasn't enough to stop riding it, but it bugged me that it was brutally fast when cold - but not as good when hot.
  17. Got sick of no kick stand, so made this for it. It flicks back by itself when not in use. I'll give it a quick tidy up and call it done.
  18. Here's my switch board. Is it pretty simple to connect a 3 phase outlet from here? I won't be doing the work obviously...but just after a reality check on feasibility?
  19. Thank you, really appreciate the reply.
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