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  1. 10 minutes ago, Truenotch said:

    We've checked amongst the mods and I don't believe your posts have been deleted at all. You might have lost some posts if the forum rebooted at a bad time, which seems to have happened a few times lately. 

    Sorry! I enjoy your posts, so please keep them up. 

    Apologies then. I've lost a couple in the hunting/fishing section and one in here recently. All good, I'll take off my tin foil hat then.

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  2. Hot off the press from Stevie Wonder paint works...



    It looked like this beforehand.


    Sandblasting it to get back to bare metal.



    Zinc primer, then heavy filler primer to try fill the pitting.


    Yeah/nah...okay...hmmm...fuck, cunt, shit, balls, cock! Turns out when matching paint, you should actually take a sample in with you to try match it to, rather than just saying "yeah mate, thats the one"... sight unseen.


    Take 2, I repainted it again in a different colour.


    Much better, but still a fair way off actually matching. And it came out like underseal this time, which was disappointing.

    But fuck it, after repeating the "yeah mate, that's it" a second time, I just don't have it in me to go back a 3rd time to get more paint, so I can fuck it up again. So its close enough and I'm just going to live with it like that.

    Hey, its better than rust, so it's still a win. 

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  3. The brass slip collar on mine exploded after about 20 minutes of total running time. But meh, doesn't feel any different without it and the belts so loose I can't see it wearing it out any quicker without it there.

    The Cvt is weird though eh. I didn't think it was a great decision immediately after trialing it, then we raced each other on the drift trikes, it was clearly faster.

  4. 7 minutes ago, Willdat? said:

    The dream selection! What a hoard, I'm amazed you managed to dig them out so fast.

    That's super generous of you but I'm in Nelson, I can organise a courier to collect though. Oliver will be stoked, the small end of the inside of reduction box looks sensible, but I'd love to give the 7 tooth a hoon and see if we can give it some snappier acceleration. 

    Pm me your address and I'll send it to you. You can have whatever you need.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, Willdat? said:

    It's for a student's electric bike, that we're supposed to be racing in a fortnight, chances of getting something off Aliexpress in that time is pretty small.

    Something this style would be great, it's 1.5kW so technically overpowered for 25H, but it would be great to get it moving for the event! 

    Yip, like this?




    Most are 25h, a few of them are 35 pitch.

    that reduction gear box looks 25h internals and external 35.


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  6. 2 hours ago, Willdat? said:

    Does anyone have any 25H sprockets lying around? Aiming for 9-15T would be ideal... @Muncie @Kimjon?

    What style, purpose? Maybe? I have some little reduction gearboxs that will likely have something like that inside.

    If I get an idea of what you're trying to achieve i may be able to sort something out?

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  7. Work in progress, but mostly done.


    I've fixed the brakes by tightened the steering stem/bearings as it had a terrible shudder, this is completely gone now after tightening the stem. The brakes were fine, but I skimmed them in my lathe just because and gave them a scuff up with sandpaper to help bed them in again.



    Next I'll sandblast my rack and paint it, now that I've modified it to hold the spare wheel. It had a stupid little storage container that rattled like a mains powered vibrator!


    Chop chop!




    Rack finished, works and looks awesome!


    I'll paint the tank at the same time, as it has light surface rust on the top. Then some general tidy up stuff to do etc, but all just cosmetic stuff.


    Spare wheel now a real feature, rather than it hiding away in shame under cover.

    Cheap and fun way to learn about vespas.

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  8. 8 hours ago, xsinclairx said:

    Did you buy another one? TF is wrong with you!? :grin:


    oh wait this is oldschool. It’s mandatory to have 6 bikes in the shed :compress:

    Oh my, I thought this was a nonjudgemental space for fellow enthusiasts with equal amounts of OCD to support each others hopes, dreams and aspirations?

    Nah just fucking with ya. Yip, the struggle is real. I have a disease...

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  9. Vespa all loaded, and already drawn attention while loading in up in Central Wellington. Couple dudes have stopped and asked where to buy one from.


    Only mistake I made was leaving my handlebar clamping contraption behind. But a little kiwi ingenuity I've pretty much achieved the same result by using a spare tie down strap.

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  10. Took it for a good road test. Still waiting on the supplementary plate to arrive, but figured I'd talk my way out of a ticket if I happened to get pulled over.


    Pretty stoked with how it works everything clears and works as hoped-for. Boot can open with it on (bike off obviously). Ready for full send!

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