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  1. Even a toilet in the boot, you've thought of everything!
  2. And I picked up this pipe that potentially I could modify to work. It's off a yz80, so would need a little volume cut out of it, but that's nothing I haven't already done before. I'm reluctant to tear down these motors and port them, as I doubt that parts are available anymore. Any Google searching for stuff ends nowhere, so I'd be making a lot of work for myself if I did do this. I did have other plans for this. But yeah/nah possibilities are good to think about.
  3. I fair bit of time it looking presentable. I'll probably paint it, but undecided at this stage. I'm still not sure if I'll use it on these motors, or get a more modern engine and transplant it into the passola. No rush to make that decision
  4. If you got a body shell like that, then you'd be a wolf in sheep's clothing. It would certainly help keep unwanted attention from you...
  5. You can tie and solder the spokes where they cross each other. I've done this on my velobike as everyone said I was going to die using the wheel I chose. I soldered them...didn't must be good?
  6. So, trademe strikes again. A classic case of "expectations V reality". But in the totally misrepresented the goods kind of way. I've never done the Tinder thing, but I imagine this is a common experience when you are fizzing about a girl who swiped right on you...then you meet her and realise her photos are 20 years old, prior to having vaginal birthed triplets, becoming an alcoholic, developing a lazy eye and putting on 40kg. That was my day. I woke fizzing about a trademe purchase (the expansion chamber off this scooter) a few nights before, that I was about to collect. I paid him by direct credit as he wasn't going to be there. These are the photos off his add (my internal thoughts are saying ...exciting...looks brand new...fuck yeah...soooo cool, scooters, FTW, score!!!). Took a day off work to drive 2.5hrs (each way) to go collect it. Then found this left out for me to collect: Womp womp...bubble burst. But just like that rotten pog that tricks you on Tinder to swipe right with her photos from 1995... you still end up fucking her anyway, just because you're kind of there already. And so, me and this exhaust ended up going home together too.
  7. Man this would be cool hidden under a lambretta frame or similar
  8. I'm calling it done; nothing says finished quite like mismatching grey paint and a pin-up girl decal.
  9. Epic thread. I've jumped around in here randomly reading some pages before, but this morning I finally read it from start to cool!
  10. Both scooters had big chips out of the front fenders. So I bobbed the fenders back an inch, just to tidy them up. Passola: Before After. Honda: Before After Then I made up a cover plate to hide the ugly on the passola, as my wind shield was rooted! This is an offcut from a garage door slide. A fair bit of time went into this. It's still a bit agricultural looking, but it's good enough. Overall it serves its purpose, so I'm happy enough with the end result.
  11. A quick look around the $2-shop for something suitable and this popped up. Yip, I can work with this...snip, snip, snip... Tadah...
  12. The passola was twice as loud as the Honda. I did up the head bolts with no improvement. Then realised that the header pipe wasn't even connected to the muffler. So a school chair from the dump lost a leg to save my ears... It was a struggle to weld the paper thin metal with 40 years of 2 stroke oil impregnated into it...but got there in the end. All done. And then the final touch...working headlight...yus!!! So sexy!
  13. Got a battery for the Honda. Indicators front and rear, horn, starter motor, stop lights for both front and rear brake levers all good. Headlight has been replaced but is unknown as runs off motor and its raining so don't want to go outside. But it's all looking good...yus! So hopefully that's all the electric stuff sorted on both scooters now. So all fully legit.
  14. And putting it to good use: My neighbours think I'm mentally retarded. But its me who feels sorry for them, as they have to use their legs to walk their wheelie bin 100m down the driveway.
  15. Plates on. Passola was easy, but the Honda was a fuck around because it had no rear end left. Someone must have back flipped it? So Milling action shots. Cheap trademe indicators adapted to fit. Boom! Job done...
  16. Anyone know what this is? It's just hanging there on its own. Looks like it plugged into a filter or something? Not sure what it is or does?
  17. So, I got curious and pulled it apart. Freeing up the vanishing that was sticking the diaphragm to the valve inlet. Blew some air through it backwards and performed some other witchcraft and then tested it by sucking on the hose until fuel came gushing out. I got the idea from something I recently watched on Then started her up first kick with engine start and it fired into life for the first time in about a decade? Fuck yeah...its awesome! Each ride gets better as it blows out the cobwebs...
  18. Where would I get this part in nz? I'm coming up short on Google.
  19. More bits arrived It's all the shit I ordered while locked down.
  20. I hooked up a 12v battery, starter turns over. It doesn't fully crank like I'd expect...but the battery I used was very small (alarm battery that's old). So i think it's good news, at least it turns over.
  21. Awesome! Google searching it straight away thanks.
  22. Looking at it, I think it may even have electric start? As in push a button and a starter motor turns it over? This could be a bit exciting if I'm right?
  23. Smart thinking! Cheers
  24. Out of interest, are these 6v or 12v? No battery, so I'm unsure?