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  1. YeS this is true. I found that out while out running the dog in the weekend. I think we keep this in mind and organize it for a different meet.
  2. I guess you have locked in the clay bird shooting then. As we all know it will be waaay cheaper to do this privately. I don't know anyone with the setup though
  3. I just looked up the clay bird prices at cable bay. Looks like around $60 a head. I can imagine Alex back peddling pretty damn fast right about now.
  4. Thanks! Oh I know eventually it will be back but I have tried my best to get it bathed it rust converter
  5. Thought I had pretty prove that progress is actually getting made here. The following photos are the before and after of the last patch repaired on the body. Which was around the boot lip, quite cunty areas to repair and most corners being made from multiple steel patches. Being hidden I was a bit on the rough side here but it will be functional and not rusty and leaky. Welded Who am I kidding? I'll end up cleaning that up more.
  6. Seriously?! So It was all organized and shit and she just didn't turn up?
  7. There was talk of clay bird shooting up the mot valley somewhere but I can't find any info on the googles.
  8. You had me at rusty glory. I spose we should get the ball rolling with our next meet.
  9. She may want the kpizzle in or around her mouth. She's asked if you can text/call her. I'll pm you her cell number... safer than putting it up here for all you dodgy cunts!
  10. Hey bitches, A friend of a friend had a HQ organized for a photo shoot this weekend. Now the HQ can't make it for whatever reason. She prefers a white car but anything will be considered. She didn't mention a form of payment but I'm sure something would be organized with the driver. Any help would be much appreciated. Chur!
  11. I thought that would be the case. Oh well, the golf is as low as that allows... which just isn't enough. Stink... but thanks guys
  12. Hey Clint, I know rwd chassis notches are fine but what about fwd? 2000 mk4 golf gti. It's certed for coilovers but the possibility of fitting airbags is on the cards. In Germany and 'Merica they hole saw a 40mm(ish) hole so the axels don't hit while at full slam. Do you think this could be certified here?
  13. Yuck! You guys that are foaming over this have issues! I know it's each to their own but geez!!
  14. Steering pump relief valve? Does it make the same noise at full lock? Get back out there Will
  15. Our next meet we will have a delightful bbq at Kaiteriteri beach on Sunday the 24th of April. Nelson start point at WOW carpark. 11.30ish start convoy at 12:00pm, cruise out Motueka start point at Repco car park 12:00pm. Leave when the nelson group arrives 12.30ish Cruise out to Kaiteriteri. Ill do a FB event thing for this one to try entice new victims. Ill be bringing my little bbq but it would be good if we can have a back up or 2 in case its just an absolute sausage fest. Rain location will be at the Riwaka Tavern. (I wont put that on the FB post)
  16. Alright no problem. I don't mind if you find someone earlier
  17. I can't offer a ride due to it being during work hours. In saying that if your still stuck after 5pm I can give you a ride. After that I could drop you in kaiteriteri
  18. Ha! photo proof that all anyone needs is a 4-AF powered Corolla. Maybe she spotted the custom tuned square exhaust and knew that I was serious. Really was a great day! I recommend bowls to anyone who hasn't tried it (even though I have poor ball handling skills) I've got a new camera and trying to get used to it so quite a few photos didn't quite come out right/missed cars or out of focus. Practice huh? Here is a couple of local cars some creepy guy in the bushes A visitor, and the crazy bowling green Thanks to all you fine folk.
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