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  1. I dont have a gearbox, i have an engine (non toyota) with an adapter that lets it bolt up where a 22r was used. What i want to know is what gearboxes were used behind the 22r engine.
  2. What do you want to see a pic of?
  3. I have an adapter plate for an engine to bolt up where a 22r was used. What gearboxes were used behind the 22r? I am a little confused on what can be used. Im after a 2wd box Cheers
  4. You can tune your own ECU like a stand alone, there are quite a lot of maps to change, I cheated and download a tuned file
  5. Its just a matter of flashing on the retuned file onto the ECU. This can be done over the diagnostic port. I haven't run mine on the dyno yet but it will leave a vr6 behind. I just have a retuned ECU and 2.5" straight pipe exhaust. The only reliability issue is the clutch and front tyres
  6. The shafts are the same diameter along the length. Im wanting to fit an r200 diff in my mercedes, the merc diff is approximately 225mm wide and the r200 is 315mm
  7. I need to have a pair of half shafts shortened by about 50mm each. Who can do this and approximately how much does it cost?
  8. There is no bolt in merc lsd diff with the correct ratio.
  9. I have decided to go with a t56. Will also have to do something about the diff as it has a 2.8 ratio. R200 will probably be used. Will be having a bellhousing and flywheel made for it in tge next couple of weeks
  10. Yea i have been doing a bit of research on them. The r series boxes are quite strong and are used in hiluxs and are quite cheap. Having a removable bellhousing is nice too
  11. How much torque are they rated to? I thought the t5 wasn't that strong?
  12. Yes its a m117. The old m116 and m117 used in the old w116 cars did have a manual gearbox which is extremely rare and will not fit the later alloy block m117. There is no manual gearbox for the m117 and m119 v8
  13. I have a mercedes w126 500sec that i want to convert to manual. There was no factory manual gearbox available for the v8. It only has 195kw standard but ill be doing something about that. What options do i have for a gearbox? Making an adapter plate and flywheel shouldn't be a problem
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