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  1. What did the bottle cost? Im trying to work out the cheapest way to have gas at the shed, problem is that bunnings in hastings dont do the trade n go bottles, only blackwoods and bay trade but the fuckers are not open on the weekend at all. A G argo shield from boc is $208 plus the rental or a F is $133

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  2. 18 minutes ago, kyteler said:

    Depends on the application but it can be welded any way, it's not like aluminium. 

    I thought the same as you until a few years ago too.  No idea how I had come to that conclusion though. 

    Fwiw aluminium can be tig, mig, gas, laser and arc welded too

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  3. When I rereg vehicles I just go to the courthouse and fill out a statutory declaration form stating I am the legal owner of the vehicle with chassis number xxxx and then the jp stamps it, dont need any thing to do with the old owner 

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  4. Just watch if you get them reset, I had a set done and they went to hundy on them and fuck me they were stiff, could put 500kg on the back and they would hardly move. I did the usual and got them done but didn't finish the project for a while later and when I realised they were to meke I called them up but they didn't want to know

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  5. 1 minute ago, datlow said:

     from them direct?, there websites straight from the 90s did my head in looking to see if they had bits for my bike 

    Lol their site is garbage. I just googled the part numbers and found the cheapest with shipping, cheaper than their site prices too. They don't list my bike but they list other models that had the same fork, typical for american companies that didn't get all the jap stuff 

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  6. 1 hour ago, governorsam said:

    Put some in the 01 bonneville.

    Also put ohlins springs at the same time.

    so good.

    money well spent.

    do it.

    Yea I'd be getting the heavier springs from racetech too as I'm over double the weight it would have been designed for. 


    Works out to just over 300nzd delivered, not cheap for a cheap bike but cheaper than buying another bike

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  7. Has anyone had any experience with the cartridge fork emulators for damping rod forks from racetech? 


    I'm quite enjoying my little spada but the suspension is garbage so these look like an easy way of improving it over fitting a different set of forks

  8. A super hx30 would work really good as a single as well, be good for 300hp. I may still go that way as 300 is the max my standard pump and injectors will fuel and its a lot cheaper and easier 

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  9. 18 minutes ago, MaxPower said:

    hey after some advice, my 13bt diesel blew a head gasket today, I have a good condition 15b dyna engine I have been wanting to put in my cruiser for a while now 3.4L vs 4.1L. I was thinking about putting compound turbos on it. would the stock ct26 from the 13bt work with a hx40 I have? (has a 16cm rear housing) I don't mind getting the injection pump rebuilt\modified to suit boost and more fuels. cheers

    A common compound setup on cummins 4bt 3.9l is a hx30 with a hx35, im going to use those on my land rover

  10. 1 minute ago, Bling said:

    I never said that? 

    You specifically said you are going to drive the vehicle with parts that it is not certified to have installed. So my point was (didn't think i'd need to explain it I guess), if you stack it, they can look at the photos and if they determine the changes you made contributed to the accident, you're up shit creek. 

    Lol good luck to them proving that changing brand coulivers and fitting oem size wheels contributed to a crash

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