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  1. 11 hours ago, Roman said:

    There was a beams Altezza posted on FB for $1600 with a blown clutch.
    It's hard to argue with any sort of 6 speed manual RWD LSD equipped car for that kinda money TBH.
    As much as they're overhyped think about that price point compared to say $4k for a KE70 with a 4k, K40 and axles made from pool noodles.
    Like you can just buy an Altezza and wail on it pretty much forever. 

    This^^^ Id love another AE70 but the price Id have to pay these days its hard to justify. I really enjoy my Altezza's, to me they are the modern version, albeit 4 door, of the AE86. Not fast, yes slightly under powered but a blast to rev the crap of and I think handle real good. Just like an 86...

    Currently spending 5 tidy manual Altezzas worth on the old 3SGE to squeeze 50% more out of it and see if its a bit more fun.

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  2. On ‎12‎/‎11‎/‎2018 at 10:30, f100_dreamin said:

    Ive just put a base plate motorex into my garage at home, wanted a clear floor didn't have the roof height to make it work,

    am super happy with it, single phase so a bit slower going up but not horribly, was $2100 delivered to my house plus dynabolts and oil, had the guy who services all the hoists in my workshop come and install it for me and had to buy proper anchor bolts as he wouldn't use the dynabolts as apparently they aren't up to spec for securing heavy machinery (only rated medium duty according to the dynabolt catalogue)


    either way its 100x better than axle stands,

    If you don't mind where did you buy the hoist from? I been looking around, Was worried the cheaper ones would be a bit light weight but you're pretty happy eh?

  3. On 17 April 2018 at 07:14, 63Ragtop said:

    Giz the old Honda XL Pleezee.

    I would imagine she would sell it? Don't see her ripping round the paddock on it tbh haha. I honestly have no idea on bike prices? Did you want me to ask and grab some pics for you? 

  4. One owner '71 manual parked up since 98. Went to look at it to buy but too covered in crap to really tell what it's like and was flying out to work the next day so I will go and drag it out in a few weeks and give it a wash. Not my favourite shape but a genuine barn find hard to turn down haha.

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  5. Couple weeks ago I purchased a M18 1/2" Milwaukee hi torque impact gun for an engine swap out I gotta do on the IS350 and a couple cars I need to pull apart. The thing is a beast hasn't even blinked an eyelid on anything I have asked of it. I could of gotten away with the smaller version but for the fact it's stupidly grunty and would do everything I ask of it I thought fuck it and put up with the extra weight. Tool shed had the pack with charger and 2 batteries for $749.

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  6. 2 hours ago, Celica RA45 said:

    toda crank is a 5sfe jobby ground down to suit 3 s rods 


    I got the Toda pistons with it as well, as well as the rods, are the rods standard length 3S that you are aware of? I havnt pulled down my spare engine to compare yet.

  7. On ‎10‎/‎06‎/‎2017 at 09:27, Celica RA45 said:

    Sorry I didn't see this I have billet 1s here  std Toyota are 18.5 kilos mine are 15 kilos should fit into your suit case with clothes either side ,,, if you have 25 kilo luggage 

    No worries, I have 23kg allowance I think? Nothing else in the case but crank and a couple towels wrapped around it. Its a Toda 2.2L crank which I believe is a reground 5S crank which should be in the 18kg ball park? Will see tomorrow......

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