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  1. And because Im impatant I had to make the vinyl roof trim on the car after it was painted which is definately a dumb thing to do. Managed without any scratches which really surprised me Used brass this time , heeps easier to work with and came out real well
  2. Tryed making the stainless trim thats missing where the vinyl roof finishs, Used some old stainless off a hillman and fit it on a wreck that my brother has. Think it could have worked bit the stainless was hard to work with and didnt turn out as nice as I wanted
  3. Heeps of work going on in the background while the body was getting done, sourced alot of parts from japan, sandblast and painted chassis, was all in pretty good nick, think it had only done 96000kms
  4. Car went off the panel beaters and I was blown away at how quick things happened. Usually would take me a year or more to sort all this mess out bit not three weeks later I get a call asking what colour I want it
  5. Cause couldnt help myself and what toyota doesnt need a v12 The whole front sump crossmember steering box in the way makes this pretty unlikely to work but dreams are free
  6. Surprised myself and had a few weeks left so started into the rust repairs Came up pretty well, no filler needed
  7. So did something I never do and went and booked in a panel beater. Was due in a months time so I had a deadline which is the only way im likely to get things done. Stripped car down, plenty of rust
  8. What have I got myself into
  9. So brought this about 14months ago off @horndog He imported it for a parts car, got the jdm front and a few other pieces for his project Over the next while Ill chuck up some photos of progress to date. Plans where just a quick tidy up to get it legal and drive it. Got a bit carried away. Low kms and pretty straight bit rusty
  10. Hi Ive got a couple of old enamel car badges that I want to get restored. Has anybody got a contact for someone that can do this kind of work? Got one done maybe 20years ago but I think the old chappy that did this has since retired/passed away Any help much appreciated Ray
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