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    Sweet. See you all there
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    Coilovers were in at midnight last night. Got a wheel alignment today. Had a bit of problems with the tyres hitting the valence/lower part of the guard, may need to look at adjustable castor to get it any lower/probably won't work anymore as the tyres are pretty much stopping me go any lower. But, it's exactly the look I was after, beefy tyre with tyre tuck(or close to). Semi racecar-ish look, but not really. Rambling cause I'm tired.
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    Just picked up the tank, it came out a bit too peely for my liking, but meh, I will just have to colour sand it when it has properly cured in a month or so.
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    You're so retarded Ned.. ba-dom-tish
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    MEGA UPDATE: Destination: Mount Maunganui Beachside holiday park Date: Sunday 7 April What: day trip. Chill in the sun, eat some eats(burgerfuel??) Our destination/park up spot will be in the campground near the main beach. (there will some more details coming for this once i have sorted all the details with them. they are keen to have us) so super close to food and cafes google link for location https://maps.google....ranga 3116&z=18 Auckland members: cruise route: https://maps.google.co.nz/maps?saddr=Mill+Rd,+Bombay&daddr=Mount+Maunganui+Beachside+Holiday+Park,&hl=en&ll=-37.503189,175.726318&spn=1.274674,2.469177&sll=-37.633332,176.175782&sspn=0.009873,0.01929&geocode=Fb58yP0dggNuCil1og5afFVtbTEGVNsp-aWMcQ%3BFczCwf0dpjqACiFPdpWBud2BJCkhMwiFnd5tbTFPdpWBud2BJA&oq=mill+road&t=h&mra=ls&z=9 - Meet at Mill road BP gas station (google it / same meeting point as leadfoot cruise) -Leave AT 10am - Roll through Paeroa around 11 to collect Hamilton cruises - Arrive at the campground 12ish -We may have a time limit here but will still be at least 3-4 hurs which is heaps, will advise on any conditions later. Hamilton Members: - Meet at the Cambridge Rd Caltex http://goo.gl/maps/3zHX7 before 9:30 - Leave somewhere around 9:30 - 10:00ish - Hit paeroa somewhere between 10:30 - 11:00, meet the Aucklanders - Depart onwards to sun and sand Map of cruise route plus details will be online soon plus i will have physical copies on the day! Im going to need an idea of numbers so they can allocate us some space, please check the appropriate poll. If you are coming but arent going to say anything in the thread please at least answer the poll. red box is the area we will have sites available - visable from the street so people can come yarn to us about how they had a mk2 escort once that did like 150 in third gear thanks reps/mods/OS team
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    Be there or be more socially endowed than I. Shall be in attendance.
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    Well, it's currently 110db LOLS. Need ONT for cert. FUCK THE POLICE! etc... Actually most cops are reasonable and if treated with respect will do so in kind.
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    Looking good dude FYI, you need a new page in the project thread. Almost enough photos to crash my computer
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    Keep the entire engine standard, and spend the money on bits that bolt on. That way, when it blows up you can just go get another one, and be good to go.
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    Painted the tank, it came out mint all things considered. I need to wait for it to harden, so I will pick it up tomorrow. I also mounted the speedo, and got the back lights working. Here is a photo to show it all goes!
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    Ok guys I'm trying to fix this alright. Anyway, with the deadline looming, I still haven't had a finished head yet (turns out it needs new valve seats also....) and neither have the new head studs arrived. But I have made some things a bit nicer to look at. Inlet manifold has been blasted, and coated with some good ol' VHT silver. Carb has had a minor strip and clean, and plated a few things as seen by the splash guard thing that sits beneath the carb. IMG_4738 by SnoozinRichy, on Flickr IMG_4739 by SnoozinRichy, on Flickr IMG_4741 by SnoozinRichy, on Flickr I've acquired a new timing set, which looks like this... there was a waterpump in the box as well, but that looks boring to be honest. IMG_4744 by SnoozinRichy, on Flickr And I also bought these off kicker a while ago, they can be a new restoration project in the works I think. 14x7 front and 14x8 rear. All going to plan I'll run a smaller tyre than I currently have on these. IMG_4756 by SnoozinRichy, on Flickr
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    yup yup a little bit pricey, but had them less than a week later, they smoke up good aswel, all them dollar signs flyin off the tread
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    Anybody else can't help but see 'Mexican blanket' as the next step up from Cleveland steamer? Especially in relation to dave
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    /Hopefully can cure my ride height soon, ese'
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    So, I may have got a little carried away. I blame people on here with freakin kewl bikes showing up. I could not resist........ Only a short amount of time to sort this out before nats!!!
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