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PBaines 1977 Toyota Corolla KE30

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Uhh, well. two project, no worries.


I bought this off trademe a few months back, original EVERYTHING which was super cool, even have the original registration card from 1977 from Toyota Otago. Was in a family for years and years and sold the guy I got it from who had it for a few years but didn't do much with it. Came with two new front guards (taiwan made) they fit up ok too which is a bonus.


Plans. I will stick to them this time round!

-Convert to OG black interior, not a fan of the tan personally.
-Rebuild current 3K motor that's in it, or fire it up and see how it goes
-Do panel and paint myself. Learn along the way. Shell is super straight, few rusty spots as all these KE30's do but that's ok.
-Fit super cool accessories like Monsoons,  and every piece of chrome available (Which will usually be from a Hi-Deluxe KE30)


This picture is my inspiration, I am going to go with a similar deep blue also



Anyway, here is the old bomb for now











33329172124_e5c2fba5c4_o.jpg20170220-2017-02-20 17.14.42 by phillipbaines, on Flickr





A few weeks later, I had got some goodies over from Malaysia. Included, Monsoons, rear window quarter shades, door/outer window chrome edging, all the black interior panels, black U Channel moulds, 3-spoke steering wheel. Just need to buy some black carpet and wait for the dash to come over as well as the door cards



Now it'll go sit back in its hole until I drag it out to take more tan yuckness out







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