d.p.n.s 1983 mk5 cortina Ghia..........yip pinthoe

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hi all.

thought i would start a thread on my mk5 it is kinds daily driver/fixer upper as i go.

as title states its a 83 mk5 ghia with 2.0 pinto power house..

its wof reg and all in all it drives pretty nice and starts 1st time.....

when i bought it it had 15x7 JBW minilite replica kinda wheels and flairs(very well made) but all thats not my thing......


the inside and engine bay are pretty clean and the body work is ok....ish has a few dents and marks and a lot of surface rust the worst part would be the

left front valance where it meets the guard.



so 1st thing was to remove the wheels and flairs and get them sold and go back to some form of standard wheels.



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thanks to Karl a nice set of v6 ghia wheels fit perfectly



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well had so much planned for this week both working on my mk5 and karls (i500gt) mk4 but man flu had differant ideas and i died from it........all week.

so having not been out side this week and it pissed down for the first 3 days i had a look at the mk5 yesterday and found some good news and bad news.

bad news ....it leaks.....alot.  (kinda think its worse because its sitting higher at the front) . (and not sure where its leaking in the boot.)

good news . judging but the amount of water sitting in the car (a good 2") the floors dont have rust holes.

now with having water leaks and the carpet all wet the 1st thank that came to mind .......fix the sounds

so i fitted a new kenwood stereo some old  Carrozzeria TS-X350 speakers .some of these bad boys ...been sitting in the garage for atleast 7 years


an amp and an electric guard mounted aerial.......for the wank factor.

must admit the speakers sound awesome and no holes were made in the parcel shelf.

then its time for some winter maintenance.

so drained the water (no anti freeze in site.) ..pulled the thermostat and it was ugly.


after cleaning up all the faces and boiling the new thermostat and fully flushing the system including the heater.it was time to go back together.

the thermostat housing is slowly corroding away (should last till i build a new motor/slap something jappa in the hole)


  also cleaned out the overflow bottle and it was thick mud

so all cleaned now....added some antifreeze and ran up to temp without leaks.

heater makes a fucking noise so had a look and half the screws holding the fucker in are missing (makes me think if water is coming in from under it now)

thats all for now..

water leaks will be next on my list.....oh and bearing whine.


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also thinking of taking the fan off and fitting a electric fan and thermo switch...

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just another week with a pinto back in my life.

fitted a 10" electric fan i had sitting in the garage wired up to a switch for now (must be getting wise in my old age...even used a relay and no twisty twisty tappy tappy )till the thermo fan controller thingy turns up.

gets nice and hot now and defrosts the window within minutes    not days.

also the battery light use to stay on for a while and the battary didnt charge the best..so i pulled the alternator off and is seen better day



the old man had a new high amp sierra one sitting that use to be an extra one on his camper so i used that and the engine bay is so nice and quiet now....and battery light goes straight out.......fucking bingo...another issues sorted.


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so the old girl has a rear end whine ..I500gt thought it could be the diff and gave me another to swap out..........good cunt.

i thought it sounded like the bearing on the passenger side so i just popped out the 1 from the spear diff and the suspected whining 1.

put the spear 1 in fro now to see if it stops the whine........but judging by the mud like shit (looks like its been in water )covering the axle i think i might pop the other axle out and the pigs head

and clean it all out.....then put the head and other axle in from the spaer diff..........and new oil



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much better.

thanks to i500gt for finding them and cul8r for swapping the tyres over.



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so i finally finished the rust work on Karls mk4. all cut out,,welded up painted and cleared.


now i could get the old mk4 in the garage to start having at look for the leaks .

starting with the boot..thought i would align and drill a 4.9mm hole in each hinge  before i take it off so that later on when i repaint it

it will always go back in the perfect spot


while playing with the boot i found some flex.......like the glue shit they use has come away...will put some tacks on before it goes back on.


the boot itself is on very good condition only found 1 small hole in the wheel well


very cool to see all the factory carboard is all there as well as the phome that sits over the wheel archs and the carpet.


so stripped it all out to be cleaned up loom and all


the boot is in amazing condition reallly the drip rail and rubbers are all awesome .

found a couple of suspect bits.

big hole for the wiring to the number plate lights......bung not used as they shuved the towbar wiring threw the same hole


also found a lot of moister on the drivers side light ......the rubber gasket thing


and some blowen bolbs





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and after some wire wheel,cleaning and 2 tins of bed liner.......needs 2 more me thinks


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sooooo started pulling the interior out so i can give it a clean and check for rust before i spray the floors .

all in all pretty bloody good. a wee bit of rust on the passenger front door where the door rubber sits.

the passenger front floor has some surface rust but that will all clean up...just need to get in there with the vacume cleaner and a heat gun to dry up any dampness.


thought i would pop the front screen out to see if there is any rust there and if thats where the water is coming from.

but nothing its fucking mint..nothing a clean and por15 wont fix before the screen goes back in.

also no signs of any preivous repairs


started pulling the heater out so i can get to both sides of the firewall ...core is mint and water tight.fan is brittle as fuck and seen better days....fully understand the noise it was making now



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well after a heap of time with the wire wheel....rust kill and some POR15  ive almost finished the bed liner.



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