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MartyEvitt's 1967 Toyota Corona RT40 Shovelnose

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once I got it home, and into its new pozzy in the garage - I did a quick stocktake

1 boat mooring - check:



a whole shitload of mostly stuffed shit (some is good and atleast it's 95% there)


some terrible seats (feat a kitty cat):
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Then after sitting in my garage about a week, and debating the merits of fixing the rust in the bonnet (whilst it was leaning up against the car) Mrs and I heard what sounded like a bomb going off. 

Took ages to figure out wtf it was - exploded tyre o'clock. It made the bonnet decision pretty easy.





now I have some panel steel for the rust patches I need to make!!

but seriously - anyone got a spare bonnet around ?- this early shape is fuckin hard to find; so will likely need to import from 'straya


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