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  1. Sorry about the photo fail - n00b. should be sorted now
  2. Then after sitting in my garage about a week, and debating the merits of fixing the rust in the bonnet (whilst it was leaning up against the car) Mrs and I heard what sounded like a bomb going off. Took ages to figure out wtf it was - exploded tyre o'clock. It made the bonnet decision pretty easy. now I have some panel steel for the rust patches I need to make!! but seriously - anyone got a spare bonnet around ?- this early shape is fuckin hard to find; so will likely need to import from 'straya
  3. once I got it home, and into its new pozzy in the garage - I did a quick stocktake 1 boat mooring - check: a whole shitload of mostly stuffed shit (some is good and atleast it's 95% there) some terrible seats (feat a kitty cat):
  4. Hey peeps, About 6 years after selling "Lil Blu" my 18RG swapped 1966 RT40 Shovelnose Corona in the Gold Coast (waayyyy to cheap), and moving back to NZ - and long after giving up on ever having another one. I found this little gem for sale on FB marketplace. A 1967 (seems more like a '66 to me, but that's how it's tagged) Toyota Corona RT40 for $2k. This thing has been stripped back, and a fair bit of work has been started prepping it for paint. Unlike my previous one, the body on this thing is pretty straight - no rust in the doors, guards have already been patched (properly) and there's just a couple of holes in the floor both driver and passenger side. The best part about this, is that it's 3 on the tree - no 2 speed "toyoglide" sloshbox, so the boat mooring will remain in place under the bonnet. The rego has lapsed, but it's still got the plates, and still on Carjam - so hoping not too much fuss. Rough plan is: find a bonnet (more on this later), weld up rust holes (floor, under battery, front of drivers sill where guard bolts on), tidy up underneath (check brake lines etc), paint (myself - why not? If Spank Diddy can do it...), new seals all round, upholstery (it's properly stuffed), put it back together and re-vin - then creep around the place - low & slowwww. Will hiff some more photo's off my phone shortly - see the little beast loaded up on a trailer & pic of lil blu for nostalgia - I've well and truly caught the corona virus again Chur discuss:
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